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2023 Lava premium models on sale now!!

All Lava Premium food vacuum sealers have been reduced by 10%
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Lava V.100 2023 On Sale
Lava V.100 2023 On Sale

Lava V.100 2023 On Sale

Regular price $599.99 AUD
Sale price $599.99 AUD Regular price $699.99 AUD
Lava V.100 Premium 2023 On Sale
food vacuum sealers Australia-Lava V.100 Premium 2023 On Sale

Lava V.100 Premium 2023 On Sale

Regular price $699.99 AUD
Sale price $699.99 AUD Regular price $799.99 AUD
Lava V.200 Premium 2023 On Sale
food vacuum sealers Australia-Lava V.200 Premium 2023 On Sale

Lava V.200 Premium 2023 On Sale

Regular price $799.99 AUD
Sale price $799.99 AUD Regular price $899.99 AUD
Lava V.300 Premium 2023 On Sale
food vacuum sealers Australia-Lava V.300 Premium 2023 On Sale

Lava V.300 Premium 2023 On Sale

Regular price $899.99 AUD
Sale price $899.99 AUD Regular price $999.99 AUD

What Our Customers Say About Us

Welcome to food vacuum sealers Australia and our online store.

Quality food vacuum sealing products supplied and guaranteed

We supply top quality food vacuum sealing products and accessories from around the world

fast delivery of our food vacuum sealing products

We provide a fast and effecient online shopping experience to customers all over Australia and New Zealand

Largest selection of food vacuum sealing bags and rolls

We have one of the biggest selection of pre-made vacuum sealing bags and vacuum sealing rolls in Australia

Food Vacuum Canisters

Our Status food vacuum canisters are a high quality vacuum canister made in Europe. They are fantastic for keeping all the foods fresh in an air tight vacuum that are hard or impossible in a vacuum sealer bag. Where vacuum sealer bags crush delicate foods like bread and salads or suck liquids in from soups and stews, the vacuum canisters will store these products easily and with out those problems. They come in sizes from 0.15lt up to 4.5lt and in between.

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Preservac Sous Vide Stick - sous vide - Preservac - Food Vacuum Sealers Australia

Sous Vide cooking

Preservide Sous Vide cooker is the no.1 in sous vide cooking. Precise, low temperature cooking over time gives you the most tenderized and tasty dishes you can imagine. From roast to steaks, chicken or fish, even vegetables. Retains flavors, nutrients and juices, never over cooks with our Preservide Sous Vide cooker. Become a master chief with our easy to use Preservide Sous Vide cooker and serve up dishes that melt in your mouth.

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silicone reusable food storage bags

Reusable silicone food storage bags

New to the market, these silicone food bags are reusable and BPA free. They come in 5 sizes, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, 3L & 4L. They are fridge and freezer safe and dishwasher safe. You can even cook in them in the microwave or reheating in boiling water. Food safe and BPA free. Once sealed up they are airtight and water tight. Fantastic option for Sous Vide cooking. Find out more today and get the latest in food storage and cooking products.

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Superior quality food vacuum bags and rolls

Why are our vacuum sealer bags and roll film better

Our vacuum sealer rolls and bags are 100% BPA free and are fully tested to meet food safety standards. They are reusable, dishwasher and microwave safe. Our vacuum sealer rolls and bags can also be used for Sous Vide cooking.

Extra thick 80 micron on the smooth side, 100 micron on the dimple side. Patented multi-layered, bi-directional pattern. Also known as Cryovac bags and rolls. When you choose to buy from us, you are dealing direct.

Make your food last longer with the highest quality vacuum sealer bags and rolls.

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food vacuum sealers Australia is Australian owned and operated

Why choose food vacuum sealers Australia

We are Australian owned and operated. We deliver door to door with free tracking provided, Express delivery is also available. Exclusive 2 year warranty on most Status food vacuum sealers!, 1 year warranty on all Preservac food vacuum sealers, bags, rolls, and all other vacuum sealing products.

Now offering Australia's largest size selection, of vacuum sealer rolls and bags. Spare parts and service always available on all of our food vacuum sealers supplied.

Buy from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia and your buck stays in Australia

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The food vacuum sealers brands we trust

Status, from Slovenia, Europe and Lava from Germany, Europe and Preservac, Designed in Perth, made in China, are the 3 food vacuum sealer brands that we know and trust.

We have been dealing with status Since 2017 and have a very close relationship with them. We have been working with the Lava and Preservac rep who is based in Perth since 2022.

We get second to none support from these companies with spare parts and technical support when needed. So rest assured that if you need help our advise we have the worlds best of the best behind us 100%. Buy quality products and you will only buy them once

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We’ve been keeping your food fresh a long time

We are a leading importer and distributor of high quality vacuum sealing devices and materials. We are situated in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by bushlands, lakes and rivers, very near the Tasmanian Sea. We’ve made sure to be close to our customers -people of action: fishermen, hunters, farmers, and tourists. We began in 2008 when BJ Enterprises and Marketing was established, but for real Food Vacuum Sealers Australia bloomed in 2019 when we united with Food vacuum sealers by Munro and peacefully took over their website. But…

We'd vacuumed them from the Europe

Our Triton vacuum canisters, Munro vacuum canisters, Sous Vide cookers and Status vacuum sealers are all made in Slovenia, and Sico vacuum sealers are stocked from Italy, meaning we provide you European quality for a reasonable price. Our customer service is also superb. We use Australia Post tracking that covers all of Australia so you can track your package all the way to your door. What’s more important...

...your health is sealed safe

We know a lot about the technical aspects of removing air from freezer bags or containers. During the process, air is removed from the container so the food is not exposed to either oxidisation processes or the potential growth of most microorganisms. Meals hold their nutritional value longer when using this form of preserving. If you ever wanted your frozen food to not taste or smell like everything else in the freezer, we'd encourage you to buy canisters, bags and devices which suit the food you are planning to freeze. Moreover, our products are BPA free, so they won’t affect your food or your health!

Get your fresh food offer now

...We’ve got you covered

Most of our sealers have a twelve month warranty. Furthermore, on our Status and Sico models, it’s extended to two years, although it applies only to domestic use. We can also provide you with sealing device replacement kits or gaskets. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions. We are sure that our support team will be able to help you.

We know the value of health and we’d like to provide you with superior, high quality devices that will keep your food fresh and healthy for longer.

Get your fresh food offer now

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