Other Food Storage Ideas

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Sometimes there are more convenient ways to store food than vacuum sealing. Especially if it is short term or a quick easy solution. So, we have teamed up with Ezysafe and introduced the Stay fresh produce bags, Ezysafe bag sealer sticks and Ezysafe collapsible containers. The stay fresh produce bags are great for any vegetable that go in the fridge and will last 5 times longer than normal. They also have a brand for cold cuts of meat, cheese and bread. The Ezysafe bag sealer sticks are fantastic for sealing up bags the product comes in once you have opened it. Chips, biscuits, rice, herb bags, sugar etc…. Collapsible containers are air tight and much better than a normal container but not as good as a vacuum canister. But they do collapse and are a great space saver when stored away.

Stay Fresh Produce Bags

Some times a vacuum sealer is not the best option for the job. If you want to store broccoli or brussels sprouts you will need to blanch them and freeze them. If you store these in the fridge under a vacuum seal they will gas off and blow the bag up, when you open the bag you will be in for a very smelly surprise. So, to store broccoli and brussels sprouts in a fridge you will need stay fresh produce bags, they will absorb the gases given off and keep them fresh for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. The stay fresh produce bags are also very good for any leafy produce like lettuce that will just turn to mush id vacuum sealed in a bag.

Ezysafe bag sealer sticks

If you have bags of chips or nuts, even bags of herbs it is very easy to reseal these bags with the seal option on you vacuum sealer. The only problem is that each time you open it the bag gets shorter. So, if you need to get into the bag several times before it is finished you should try our Ezysafe bag sealer sticks. You simply fold the top of the bag over and slide them on, then slide them off to get back in, as many times as you like. The Ezysafe bag sealer sticks come in a range of sizers to suit any bag up to the large chip packets.

Ezysafe collapsible containers

The sets of Ezysafe collapsible containers come in 6 sizes form 350ml to 2 litres. They all have clip on lids with a breather valve. Ezysafe collapsible containers are fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. These containers are a great addition to any kitchen because of there size range, colour identified, and because they collapse down flat they will save so much space in the cupboard and the fridge. The collapsible container is silicone so it is very pliable and durable being BPA free.