ZeroPak Food Vacuum Sealers

ZeroPak has 1 model of food vacuum sealer being the ZeroPak Dualvac. ZeroPak is a New Zealand company established in 2015 and they bought out the Minivac Pro vacuum sealer first in 2017 which was quickly followed by the Dualvac 12 volt vacuum sealer in 2018. Since the Dualvac was introduced it has been our biggest selling domestic food vacuum sealer until now, 2022. If you have this model you will find the user manual can be downloaded below. 

ZeroPak Dualvac 240 volt, 12 volt food vacuum sealer

Single 4 mm seal, AC DC, domestic portable vacuum sealer. Lightweight it draws 120 watts that delivers 8 liters a min to 70kpa. Fully automatic vacuum sealer with manual override. 

ZeroPak 12v portable food vacuum sealer

CLICK HERE To download ZeroPak Dualvac 12 volt food vacuum sealer PDF user manual



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