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Preservide Sous Vide Stick
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Preservide Sous Vide Stick

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A must-have in any kitchen, the sous vide cooking method is slow cooking on a very low temperature to give you the most mouth watering, tender cuts, cooked to perfection. Sous vide cooking can be done with red meat, white meat, fish and even vegetables. 
The term “Sous Vide” literally means under vacuum or in vacuum. It is a cooking technique where vacuum packaged food is cooked at a precisely set temperature for a precisely set amount of time. The temperatures are always well below boiling point, so cooking can take several hours. Slow cooking results in softness and taste you cannot get with traditional cooking.
Traditional style cooking demands that you are present for the entire time to monitor the temperature and state of the food. Sous Vide cooking is much more comfortable. You set the time and temperature of cooking in advance calculated to the sort of food you are cooking, and then let the precise sous vide cooker do its job.

Revolutionize your kitchen with a Sous Vide machine in Australia

A sous vide machine in Australia can transform the way you cook. This increasingly popular cooking method involves placing food in sous vide pouches and cooking it in a water bath that’s heated to a precise temperature for an exact amount of time for a perfect finish. Cooking this way allows you to create reliably delicious meals day after day – but there are many other reasons to try out sous vide, too.

Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

If you’re wondering whether you should invest in a sous vide cooker, wonder no more. Here are just a few of the many advantages of these machines.
  • No more overcooking. We all know someone who “cooks things to death” – serving up dry, hard, too-well-done meats and vegetables. A sous vide cooker gives you precise control over the cooking process and obliterates the guesswork, so everything you cook will come out flavorful, juicy, and perfectly done.
  • No more waste. A sous vide machine can save you a significant amount of money over time. As mentioned, you won’t have to discard overcooked food anymore. Also, because of the humid, self-braising environment in which sous vide food cooks, you can purchase less expensive cuts of meat and create memorable, restaurant-quality meals at home.
  • No more fuss. Sous vide cooking is wonderfully low maintenance. There is no need to stand over a hot stove watching your food to make sure it doesn’t burn – simply heat your water, drop in your food, and set the timer. The status sous vide cooker will do all the work for you.
This low maintenance makes sous vide ideal for anyone with limited mobility or limited time – or anyone who just wishes to spend less time in the kitchen.

Common mistakes people make regarding their Sous Vide cooker in Australia

Sous vide cooking is indeed extremely simple and reliable. However, just as with anything else, it helps to learn some basics and know a thing or two about your equipment before getting started. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid ensuring the best possible results every time.
  • Mishandling sous vide bags. How you handle your sous vide bags in Australia makes a huge difference. If water from the bath gets inside your pouch, it can ruin the food. Make sure that your bags are sealed adequately before submerging them.
  • Letting the water evaporate. You don’t want to invite your boss over for dinner after work, only to come home at the end of the day to find that half the water has disappeared from your water bath and your pouches of food are now only partially submerged.
  • Treating meat and fat the same way. Meat and fat do not respond the same way to sous vide cooking. Fat can take a long time to render, so a more marbleized cut may come out with rubbery fat unless you take some precautionary steps. Try trimming excess fat, cooking the meat a bit longer, or pre-searing your steak before cooking for best results.

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Whether you’re searching for a good quality sous vide cooker, large sous vide bags, a high quality vacuum sealer, or anything else vacuum sealing related, Food Vacuum Sealers Australia can help. We offer a range of domestic and commercial vacuum sealers for food prep and storage as well as sous vide cookers for the home chef. We focus on excellent customer service and offer a 12-month warranty on every product we sell. Furthermore we can also provide spare parts for our machines as well as service and repairs.
To learn more about our products or how sous vide cooking can change your culinary life, contact us today.

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