Sous Vide Cookers

A Must Have In Any Kitchen, the sous vide cooking method is slow cooking on a very low temperature to give you the most mouth watering, tender cuts, cooked to perfection. Sous vide cooking can be done with red meat, white meat, fish and even vegetables. 

The term “Sous Vide” literally means under vacuum or in vacuum. It is a cooking technique where vacuum packaged food is cooked at a precisely set temperature for a precisely set amount of time. The temperatures are well below boiling, so cooking can take several hours. Slow cooking results in softness and taste you cannot get with traditional cooking.

Traditional style cooking demands that you are present for the entire time to monitor the temperature and state of the food. Sous Vide cooking is much more comfortable. You set the time and temperature of cooking in advance calculated to the sort of food you are cooking, and then let the precise sous vide cooker do its job.

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