ZeroPak 12 Volt video

Introducing the 12 volt, portable

ZeroPak Dualvac, food vacuum sealer

Runs on both mains 240 power and 12 volt outlet. This portable vacuum sealer is both light weight and compact. It is a very competent home based vacuum sealer as well as the one you will take with you on your next adventure. Caravanning, 4X4, Boating, Hunting, Fishing,
With the Zeropak Dualvac having a strong piston pump that removes 8 liters per minute and goes to 70Kpa, it will do the job of any other domestic vacuum sealer on the market today. The seal bar delivers a wide 4mm seal and has over heating protection.
Here is a quick run down on the ZeroPak Dualvac food vacuum sealer by Food Vacuum Sealers Australia and Camper Trailer Lifestyle

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