Vacuum sealing for beginners and how to get started

Vacuum sealing for beginners and how to get started

Like a lot of things, food vacuum sealing looks so easy to do, and it is as long as you follow a few basic rules. The biggest reason for failure that we hear about is because of liquid getting into the seal area and in the machine. And I here it all the time " My old $50 machine could seal with liquid in the seal and machine." And you know what I have NEVER had some one show me that a vacuum sealer can, you know why, because its bullshit. No external bag vacuum sealer will seal properly with liquid in the seal. Second most common disaster is buying vacuum rolls and making their own food vacuum bags, Mostly people make them to short and then waist the bag. Vacuum rolls are not always cheaper than pre made vacuum bags either. 
So we hope that the following videos will help new comers to food vacuum sealing  and perhaps the seasoned food vacuum sealer may pick up a tip or 2. You know what they say "The day you know everything is the day you actually know nothing". 

Making a food vacuum bag

Our first video is about making a food vacuum bag from a continuous food vacuum roll. The biggest mistake here is making bags too short, a food vacuum bag should always be longer than it is wide.

Filling your food vacuum bag with meat

You may say "How hard can it be to fill a food vacuum bag". Well its not that hard but the following video does have some very important tips so that you get a good vacuum, it seals properly and it stays sealed. The biggest fail here is over filling the bag.

Placing the food vacuum bag into the vacuum sealer

This procedure is not hard but occasionally we get people that are having trouble getting the bag to vacuum simply because they have the opening of the bag in the wrong spot in the vacuum sealer.

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