Loyalty Points



If you would like to earn points for every dollar you spend on our web site, then click on the green piggy bank in the top right corner of your screen. If you are already a member then also click the green piggy bank in the top right corner to sign back in.

Points can be earned by signing up, and of coarse buying products. Every dollar spent will earn you 10 loyalty points. When you sign up you will receive 100 loyalty points.

Points can be exchanged for products, free shipping or money discounts. Here are the point values as of 22/04/2024

  • 1000 points $5 off
  • 2000 points $10 off
  • 2000 points claim a free jar opener
  • 4000 points $20 off
  • 5000 points claim for free shipping on any order
  • 10,000 points $50 off

So if your ready to order now then sign up for our loyalty points program first and start earning points to get discounts on your next order today

Signing up to our loyalty program is in no way intended to collect information for marketing. It is intended to give back to the customers that support our business. So, please if you get an email from us that you do not want to receive simply scroll to the bottom and unsubscribe.

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