Vacuum sealer bags and rolls production

Food vacuum sealers Australia supply a high quality in vacuum bags and rolls so that we can guarantee that they will work in any external bag vacuum sealer. Also we are 100% sure that they will be suitable for re-heating in the microwave and for Sous Vide cooking.

How can we achieve this?

We, Food vacuum sealers Australia, have all of our vacuum bags and rolls supplied by the same factory every time and each order we place is specifically made for us under our specifications. So yes we pay a little more for it but we are 100% sure that every packet of vacuum sealer bags and every vacuum sealer roll that goes out to our customers is the best quality it possibly can be. And if you are not satisfied then food vacuum sealers Australia want to hear about it.

Further down the page we have some videos of our vacuum sealer bags being produced, but first.

10 reasons why are our vacuum sealer bags are so good?

Firstly I will say that it is impossible to please everyone as some want an odd size and some want a different thickness and some want a vacuum sealer bag to do what it simply can't do. So here are some points why they are so good.

  • We do have the biggest selection of sizes for external bag vacuum sealers.
  • They are laminated, multilayer. So they have layers for strength and layers for sealing.
  • The thickness is 180 micron on the dimple side and 80 micron on the smooth side. Some do ask for a thicker bag but this combination is a proven winner. It is the best thickness for domestic vacuum sealers so they seal properly.
  • The dimple side is known as a polka-dot pattern which we have tested and found to be the best pattern for all domestic and commercial vacuum sealers. Some of the other patterns are fine in 1 vacuum sealer and not in another.
  • They are BPA FREE and food quality tested to Australia and NZ standards.
  • The factory seals never come apart.
  • The open ends have very minimal curling, if any.
  • All the rolls have a cardboard center to prevent creasing at the end of the roll.
  • All vacuum sealer bags and rolls are sent out in a protective cover and clearly marked.
  • Food vacuum sealers Australia backs there product and is here to listen if you have a problem even if it is just that you ordered the wrong size, we are here to help.

Some videos of how our vacuum sealer bags are produced

15 cm x 25 cm pre-made vacuum sealer bags being cut and packaged



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