how to vacuum pack warm food for lunch

How to pack warm food for lunch

Eating only sandwiches, cold salads, and raw fruit for lunch can be unhealthy in the long run. If you spend much time away from home, you should have a hot meal with you. This will help you stay fit and energized for the rest of the day. However, many people think that packing a hot meal is hard and problematic. Nothing could be more wrong! Check out how to pack a hot lunch for lunch.

Packing a warm meal for lunch – early preparation

Before we talk about how to pack a warm lunch, let's focus on preparing it for this activity. This is, of course, about the temperature of the meal. Understandably, you want your lunch to retain its qualities. As such, you shouldn't pack a hot meal right away. This is extremely important. If you do not let it cool down a bit, you will create conditions for the growth of bacteria, and you will also hurt the texture of the food. Nobody wants that for sure.

You should also pay close attention to the lunch format. Solid meals should be prepared in one container, while liquid meals should be prepared in another. Check to see if your container has a secure lid. Vacuum lids are an excellent option. You can rest assured that nothing will leak from your box, thanks to them.

How to pack cooked vegetables and steamed meat?

It is worth singling out the issue of cooked vegetables, as they are often the cause of the appearance of steam droplets on the container. Packing the cooked vegetables is not a bit of a problem. After taking them out of the water, it is enough to leave them on the sieve to ensure they are completely drained of excess water.

You can apply this principle to steamed meat. It also has a large amount of water on it, negatively affecting your meal packed in the box. The most ordinary paper towels will come to your aid. Before packing the meat, simply put it on a towel. Paper will absorb the water, and you will be able to pack it into the container safely. Very simple, right?

How to pack warm food - additional considerations

As you can see, you will need a few accessories when packing warm food. In each house, you will find a sieve and paper towels. However, it would help if you equipped yourself with good-quality food containers. Remember to pay special attention to whether they have tightly closed lids. String pouches can also be a huge help because you can easily pack lunch accessories in them.

You can also wrap the prepared lunch box in foil. This is a good way to seal your meal. Why is it so important to do? This way, you will protect your backpack or purse from possible damage if something leaks from your lunch. If you have such an opportunity and it will not be a big problem, you can also get a thermal bag. By putting boxes in it, you can be sure that your meal will keep you warm for a long time.

We hope you will find our advice useful daily. Enjoy your meal!

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