Vacuum Sealer Comparison Charts

Comparison Charts of all our food vacuum sealer models

Here we put all our models of vacuum sealers side by side so you can clearly see the difference. You will get a lot more info on each model, in its actual listing but hopefully this will narrow it down to a couple of models that will suit your situation. Use these vacuum sealer comparison charts to help select the right vacuum sealer for the job you want to achieve. There are 2 charts, firstly domestic food vacuum sealers. Then the commercial vacuum sealers that are suitable for the work place and home use.

Domestic vacuum sealer comparison chart






Home 280



Power 130w 120w 210w 130w
Pressure 75kpa 80kpa 75kpa 90kpa
Pump 8L/min 12L/min 14L/min 20L/min
Sealing single 3 mm single 3 mm single 3 mm Double 3 mm
Liquid Protect lift out tray lift out tray Lift out tray lift out tray
Duty Cycle 60 seconds 60 seconds 60 seconds 60 seconds
Width  29 cm 30 cm 29 cm 30cm
Sealing Time 7 Seconds 7 Seconds 7 Seconds 7 Seconds
Cutter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roll holder No Yes No Yes
Operate Method Lid locks 


Lid locks manually Lid locks manually &

under pressure

Lid locks manually
Vac Indicator Light Light Light Light
Acc Port yes yes yes yes
Weight 1.5Kg 2.3kg 3.5kg 2.9kg
Dimensions cm 39 x 17 x 8 40 x 16 x 11 42 x 20 x 10 40 x 20 x 12
Repairable yes yes yes yes
Warranty 1 yr 1yr 2yr 1yr


Professional and commercial food vacuum sealer comparison chart

Status Solid 300

FVS 400

Preservac i400

Status Provac 360

Power 400w 290w 360w 400w
Pressure 80kpa 80kpa 90kpa 90kpa
Pump 22L/min 20L/min 25L/min 30L/min
Sealing Double 3 mm Double 3 mm Double 3 mm Double 3 mm
Liquid Protect auto shut off tray None None auto shut off tray
Duty Cycle 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 60 Seconds continuously
Heat adjustment 2 settings Yes 3 settings auto adjusts
Width  30cm 42cm 40cm 36cm
Sealing Time 7 seconds Adjustable 7 seconds auto adjust
Cutter Yes No Yes yes
Roll holder Yes No Yes No
Operate Method lid locks lid locks lid locks manual lid lock
auto pressure & auto pressure
Vac Indicator Light None Light Gauge
Acc Port yes yes yes yes
Weight 5kg 5kg 5.8kg 8.5kg
Dimensions cm 41 x 27 x 12 52 x 26 x 14 50 x 38 x 11 51 x 29 x 14
Repairable yes yes yes yes
Warranty 2 yr 1yr 1yr 2yr


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