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Do you need some tips about drying meat, or maybe you are unsure if you can do this at your own house? Here are some useful dry-aging pieces of information. Just use them and enjoy tasty homemade dried meat!

Why are Umai Dry Aging Bags so good?

If you wonder how to dry meat at home, we offer you to use our Umai Dry Aging Bags. They are excellent solutions for those who love to make their food. You can use them for steak, roasts, and brisket. Whatever you decide to prepare with them - it would be delicious!

Moreover, by using our solid Umai Dry bags, you can safely dry food at home. Don't worry, this process can take you from 28 to even 45 days - and it's fine! As long as you will follow our instructions, everything will be good. So, how to use them?

How to use Umai Dry Aging Bags at home?

Using this product is very simple. First of all, it is important to vacuum the cut of meat in the dry-aging bag carefully. Then you have to put it into a home refrigerator. Always remember to set it on a rack. Why is that? Well, it needs to get airflow from all sides.

What else do you need to do? One of the most important things is to put the label with the date of preparing meat in your bag. After removing dried meat from the fridge, remember that the outside of the meat will have a dark color.

Use our kit of dry-aged bags to make your five stars meat at home. Preserve meat naturally thanks to Umai Dry.

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