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Kliki Vacuum Pin

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Kliki vacuum pin

The Status Kliki vacuum pin will reseal any glass jar with a tin lid as many times as you like. When you have finished the jar you can reuse it in another lid. The set comes with a hand pump that has a tool in the handle to pierce the tin lid with the correct diameter hole and a storage area to hold spare pins. It is a must have in any kitchen to keep jars vacuumed and stop the contents from spoiling

How to use the kliki vacuum pin

  • Remove the hole piercer and 1 vacuum pin from the hand pump.
  • Pierce hole in the middle of the jar lid.
  • Push Kliki vacuum pin into the hole.
  • Screw jar lid on tightly.
  • Place hand pump over the Kliki vacuum pin and pump the air out
  • The jar is now vacuum sealed.


 About Kliki vacuum pin

Remember that half jar of chutney or jam that you forgot about at the back of the fridge, when you open it up and it has mold in it and you then throw it out. The vacuum pin will keep these jars vacuum sealed after they have been opened and extend the shelf life by about 4 times. They are so easy to use and a simpler option than trying the mason jar sealer. It also does not matter what size the jar lid is as long as it is not less than 4 cm

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