Food Vacuum canisters Information

Food Vacuum Canisters supplied by Food Vacuum Sealers Australia. 

We have several listings of vacuum canisters. The Status sets are made Europe, Slovinia They all come with a free hand pump. food will keep 3 times longer in a vacuum sealed canister compared to a normal container. Excellent if you want to get in and out of it all the time. The hand pump makes it so easy to vacuum seal again.

All the sets of food vacuum canisters are fantastic for putting soft foods in. Food that would normally be crushed by a bag. Some good examples are bread, cakes, sandwiches, lettuce and salades. Liquids are also very difficult to vacuum seal in a bag as the food vacuum sealer will suck the liquid into the machine. Place any liquids into a vacuum canister and this problem is solved. Hence they are fantastic for soups, stews and curries.

Marrinating food is very popular these days. You usally need to plan a day ahead if wanting to marinate some steak or chicken. With the food vacuum canisters you can marinate meat in around half an hour. where as normally it would take around 8 hours in a normal container. When you remove the air from inside the canister, the meat will expand. As it expands it opens up and allows the marinate to fall into the meat.

So as you can see owning a set of food vacuum canisters will allow you to do so much more with your vacuum sealer. Grab a set today!!