Commercial Vacuum Sealers Information

At Food Vacuum Sealers Australia we have a range of commercial food vacuum sealers including the status provac 360 to choose from. We will most definitely have a commercial vacuum sealer to suit the job you have in front of you. Most importantly we offer continues use machines with double seals and are from 30cm up to 40cm wide. They are mostly made in Slovenia and have a 304 stainless steel housing with chrome plated trimmings. Importantly they can be run on auto or manual mode. Some of the models are adjustable for different thickness of bags and roll film.

Above all we offer pump protection with 90 kpa + pressure. Even more features with auto open and close lids, and accessories port for canisters. There is a model to suit the home, the farmer, the traveler, the restaurant, the butcher, the pub kitchen or any where you need to vacuum seal a product to keep it fresh, frozen or sealed from the elements. We offer a  2 year commercial warranty with constant back up with advise and support. We can service and repair all of our machines here in Australia.

Food vacuum sealers by Munro is now Food vacuum sealers Australia and in contrast is working in conjunction with our family business in New Zealand, ZeroPak. So if you want to know about commercial vacuum sealers in Australasia we are the place to come to. We have food vacuum sealing covered.

Finally we also supply a quality range of vacuum sealer roll film and pre cut bags. First of all our multi layer film has dimple patterning for efficient air extraction. Most noteworthy our film will work in any domestic or commercial machine

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