Food Vacuum Sealers

These are all the Cryovac machines or Food Vacuum Sealers that we currently have on offer. Both domestic and commercial. To view them seperatly please navigate to there individual collections, Domestic Food Vacuum Sealers or Commercial Vacuum Sealers. We are presently partnered with 3 companies for our supply of food vacuum sealers. Status from Slovenia and Sico from Italy who are both based in Europe. Also with ZeroPak from New Zealand who source there vacuum sealers from China. Our ZeroPak Vacuum Sealers come with a 12 month warranty and our Sico and Status Vacuum Sealers come with a 2 year warranty. All domestic cryovac vacuum sealers have a duty cycle which means they will need to rest between seals to cool the heat bar (about 15 - 30 seconds after 5 - 6 seals). The commecial cryovac machines either have a heat adjustment dial or an auto adjust so they can be continuiously used. The commercial vacuum sealers also have either double or triple seals and all go to the 90+Kpa

Simplify Your Life with Our Vacuum Sealer Machine

Food Vacuum Sealers Australia has an excellent range of complementary products for our vacuum sealer machine. You can choose from our range of commercial as well as domestic vacuum sealing machines - you’ll never look at food preparation or storage in the same way again.

Benefits of a Food Storage Vacuum Sealer

You will enjoy several benefits when you invest in a food sealer machine. For starters, your food will stay fresher for longer, and it will take up less storage space. In fact, there are so many benefits that we aren’t able to list them all, so we’ve chosen a few of the best benefits.

  • One of the biggest benefits is that you will be saving money and waste far less. You are likely to pay less for food items that you buy in bulk, such as meat. You can pack the bulk meat that you have bought into smaller portion sizes, vac seal it, and keep it in your freezer for 1 - 5 years, depending on the type and quality of meat.
  • More savings equal less waste. By vacuum sealing your food, you know that it will stay fresher for longer. You can preserve a lot of different food items by vacuum sealing them, and you won’t have to use any artificial preservatives to do so. Bacteria, mould, and fungus struggle to grow in vacuum-sealed packages, whether it’s items that you’re going to store in your freezer or your grocery cupboard.
  • In addition to having more space available in your freezer or cupboards, all the vacuum-sealed food in your freezer will be less likely to get freezer burn than other items that in more conventional containers.

How Do Vac Sealers Work?

The concept behind a food storage vacuum sealer is quite straightforward. The machine will suck the air out of the bag containing the food you wish to store, and seals it. When exposed to too much air, it oxidises. This reaction with oxygen in the air spoils the food. When you vacuum pack your food for storage, you are removing the air from the bag, which means that the food will not be able to oxidise and will therefore last much longer.

Once you have removed the air from the bag, you can seal it. The sealer will melt the two open sides of the bag together, effectively sealing the food in the air-free bag. You should ensure that you are using the correct kind of bag as bags made of flimsier plastics will simply melt in the sealer and could cause damage.

You should also take note of the type of machine you are using. If you have a manual machine, you will need to stop the vacuuming and switch to the machine to seal, whereas an automatic machine will complete the entire process without requiring any additional input from you.

Related Services We Provide to a Heat Sealing Machine for Food

In addition to you being able to buy a Vacuum Sealer in Australia from us, we have several other food storage ideas from which you can choose.

  • If you need to seal a bag and you aren’t near your heat sealer machine, our Ezafe bag sealers are the ideal solution. These are available in a variety of sizes so you can seal small bags as well as much larger bags. They are easy to use – simply slide them on to seal your bag tightly, and slide them off again to continue enjoying food as fresh as when you sealed it in. These are very handy to use for shorter periods of time, but won’t be as effective as food that you have sealed using a vacuum sealer.
  • Stay Fresh Produce Bags and Collapsible containers. These items will also be useful if you have limited storage space in your kitchen, or if your kitchen is just small in general. You’ll also find these items useful to pack if you’re going away to a self-catering venue but are unsure of what is available in the kitchen.

Tips Regarding Food Storage Vacuum Machine

When you vacuum seal food, be sure to write the date on the bag so that you can track what you are storing and use it before it spoils. You could even make a note of what the bag contains, especially if it is something that will not be easily identifiable once frozen.

  • You need to use the right bags for vacuum sealing. Although you will often be able to seal items in other bags, this could damage to your vacuum sealer when the bags melt because the sealer gets too hot. We stock a range of bags and sealer rolls so you can easily top up when you are running low.
  • Do not overfill the bags. If you do, you will struggle to remove the excess air as well as to seal each bag. In addition, if you plan on freezing liquids, rather freeze the liquid in other containers first and then remove it, vacuum seal it, and return it to the freezer. By doing this you will prevent liquid from getting into the machine, which could damage or even destroy it.

Did you know that there are also dozens of other items besides food that you can vacuum seal? If, like us, you are avid campers, you can vacuum seal several items to keep them safe. This includes your cell phone, any small nuts and bolts that you may need to set up camp, matches, and a variety of games. Vacuum sealing your games is particularly useful because you’re less likely to arrive with pieces missing and be unable to play any of your games because of this.

About Food Vacuum Sealers Australia

Ever since Food Vacuum Sealers Australia started out in 2008, we have worked extremely hard at and taken great pride in making innovative products available to you. In 2019 we merged with Food Vacuum Sealers Australia - their products are now available on both our website. You can choose from a range of secure payment options when shopping on our site.

We travel extensively throughout Australia, to work on reaching a wider audience. You may be surprised to learn that we currently use or have previously used the vast majority of the products that we sell to you. In addition, all our products come standard with a 12-month guarantee. We take immense pride in selling products of exceptional quality, many of which have been manufactured to meet with and even exceed European standards.

If you’d like to order a food heat sealer, or if you have questions about any of our other products please do feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.