Status Home 280 video

 The Status Home 280 has been designed from the Status HV500. With all the modern technology, some improvements but keeping the 3 button, simple operation.
The new Status Home 280 has an improved liquid trap with auto cut off to protect your machine. It also has an auto shut down when overheating which also protects the machine from damage. The lid lock down system has been strengthened and made easier to engage and disengage. Also there is the addition of better seals and inside is an upgraded pump and electronics.
The Status Home 280 video will give you an idea of how easy it is to operate and get the job done efficiently and quickly.

The Status Home 280 takes the maximum width of 28 cm in vacuum sealer rolls and vacuum sealer pre made bags. It is compatible with all or Status and Tritan vacuum canisters, the appropriate hose is included in the package along with the status roll film cutter.

The Status Home 280 food vacuum sealer is certainly the Rolls Royce of domestic vacuum sealers and comes with a 2 year warrantee

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