Spare Parts Information

Spare Parts supplied by Food Vacuum Sealers Australia. We supply spare parts for all our food vacuum sealers. The foam gaskets and Teflon heat strips can be purchased online. These are quit easy to install your self. We do have just about any part required for all our food vacuum sealers. However we do not list all of them. Most of the time it is hard to know what part is required until we personally diagnose the problem. If the machine needs to be pulled apart you will void warranty if you try doing this yourself.

The most common fault with food vacuum sealers is the foam seals or vacuum gaskets. They either get damaged or go hard from liquid. Teflon Heat strips also eventually wear out. This being the second biggest fault and it is also easy to replace the Teflon strip. Our Teflon strips are suitable for a wide range of models. These can both be found on our spare parts page

Here at Food Vacuum Sealers Australia we can diagnose problems with our food vacuum sealers. we will then install any spare parts needed to get the food vacuum sealer operational again. We will charge for freight and the spare parts. However if it is a machine that you purchased from us we will not charge labor.

Most of our spare parts we do have in stock at all times. Occasionally we may have to order something in from the manufacturer. This generally only takes approximately a couple of weeks.

Sorry but we do not have parts for vacuum sealers that are not sold by us and we do not work on other brands. We will only repair a vacuum sealer that we have sold.

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