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Salami vacuum sealer bags

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Our apologies if any sizes are out of stock. Unfortunately the Australian Stevedores are striking again and holding importers to ransom. We have 3 shipments that should already be here, we hope to receive them in early to mid November and resolve the problem

Salami vacuum sealer bags and rolls

Food vacuum sealers Australia now supply a range of food vacuum bags and rolls specifically for the salami makers. With 3 different widths I am sure you will find one to suit your specific needs. This is the best selection of Salami vacuum sealer bags and rolls you will find in 1 place. Sizes have been designed for the Salami making market but can be used for many other items also like Cabanossi, Sausages, Black and White puddings, Beer sticks, or anything that is long and skinny.
Please select the size of the Salami vacuum sealer bags or roll then select the number of required under, “First - select the size of bag or roll required” and then "Second- select the quantity required and save on each packet or roll added." Price per packet or roll will become cheaper.

Cost per Salami vacuum sealer bags packet and rolls when buying more than 1 packet of the same size

10 cm x 50 cm 50 bag - 1 pkt $15.99, 2 pkt $14.99, 5 pkt $12.99, 10 pkt $10.99,

Carton of 16 pkt $9.99 each packet.

12 cm x 50 cm 50 bag - 1 pkt $19.99, 2 pkt $18.99, 5 pkt $16.99, 10 pkt $14.99,

Carton of 14 pkt $12.99 each packet.

10 cm x 8 m roll - 1 roll $5.99, 2 roll $5.49, 5 roll $4.99, 10 roll $4.49,

Carton of 30 roll $3.99 each roll.

12 cm x 10 m roll - 1 roll $8.99, 2 roll $8.49, 5 roll $7.99, 10 roll $6.99,

Carton of 24 roll $5.99 each roll.

15 cm x 12 m roll - 1 roll $13.99, 2 roll $12.99, 5 roll $10.99, 10 roll $9.99,

Carton of 21 roll $8.99 each roll.

Salami vacuum sealer bags

  • 10 cm x 50 cm (8 cm x 49 cm inside) 
  • 12 cm x 50 cm (10 cm x 49 cm inside) 

Salami vacuum rolls

  • 10 cm x 8m (8 cm internally) 
  • 12 cm x 10m (10 cm internally) 
  • 15 cm x 12 cm (13 internally) 

Salami vacuum sealer bags specifications

  • 80 microns on the smooth side.
  • Fast air extraction.
  • Tested for food safety, FDA approved, BPA free.
  • Maximum 100 °C.
  • Minimum -20 °C.
  • Microwave.
  • Fridge.
  • Freezer.
  • Multi layered, 4ply for sealing and strength.
  • Bidirectional pattern for fast air flow when vacuuming.
  • Suitable for all external bag food vacuum sealers.

Salami vacuum sealer bags structure

  • 4 ply, or 4 layers of PA/PE.
  • PA is Polyamide – this ensures it is impermeable.
  • PE is Polyethylene – This ensures the quality of the sealed strip.
  • 1 side clear for visibility.
  • 1 side dimple for air extraction.
  • 1 cm wide factory seal each side, internal measurement -2 cm

If you require a full carton of Salami vacuum sealer bags, PLEASE CLICK HERE for more information

Superior quality food Salami vacuum sealer bags and rolls

Food vacuum sealers Australia is the direct Importer and Australian supplier. We have no hidden costs and no extra charges apart from delivery which is calculated before you complete your order.

We are also Australian owned and operated. Furthermore, we have the biggest selection in sizes of Salami vacuum sealer bags in Australia.

Buy direct from Food Vacuum sealers Australia and save!

Your food will last 5 times longer with the highest quality of Salami vacuum sealer bags in Australia, with the perfect vacuum seal every time.

  • Estimated delivery for standard post for NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD: Dec 08 - Dec 12
  • Allow extra for SA, NT, WA All orders shipped with Australia post. Express post is quicker but not overnight

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