Domestic Vacuum Sealers

Our range of domestic vacuum sealers are from either ZeroPak or Status and also known as Cryovac machines. All of these models are suitable for home use. They are all very compact and ideal to travel with also, the ZeroPak Dualvac will operate on 12 volt if you are off the grid and want a portable vacuum sealer. The Status HV500 has a filter to trap any liquid which is ideal for fish as it gives you pump protection. We have 2 models in the minivac range and are both great for small quantities and the beginner. All the domestic vacuum sealers are backed with avalibility of spare parts and service. 

We Supply Quality Domestic Vacuum Sealers

How often have you opened a bag of trail nuts, taken out the amount you required and rolled up the bag to store it away for the next time? Surely you would have experienced the reduction in quality due to air seeping into the bag. This decline is but one example that highlights the need for domestic vacuum sealers. Food Vacuum Sealers Australia stocks several options of vacuum sealers among a massive catalogue of high-quality kitchenware.

Benefits of Domestic Food Vacuum Sealer

With a population that’s continuously increasing and food resources becoming strained, we must reduce the wastage of food. One aspect of preventing wastage is boosting the shelf life of certain foods. Storing perishable items in a freezer is the ideal method of preserving food and its nutrients for future use.

  • Using a domestic grade vacuum sealer to store ingredients and food items naturally extend its shelf life by approximately three to five times. Consequently, you can use those products for longer. If you freeze food before its sell-by-date, it could last 12 months or more without losing quality and flavour. If you love leftovers, you can save them in a bag with a vacuum sealer and place it in the freezer for you to eat later. Always ensure that you label the bags according to its contents and the date you stored it away.
  • Filling a bag with your ingredients and sealing them with a domestic food vacuum machine prevents cross-contamination and dehydration. Since there’s no oxygen entering the bag, there’s no chance for bacteria and mould to grow. Additionally, your food remains fresh without discolouration and changes in texture. Using vacuum sealed bags prevents your food from getting freezer burn as a result of water seeping into your food without room to evaporate.
  • Food that you can vacuum seal allows you to store it away methodically. You can quickly identify the items you require when preparing your daily meals. You will have the freedom to shop in bulk and acquire items that are available in certain seasons, knowing that the vacuum-sealed bags will keep them fresh for a while.

Additionally, if you prefer, you can batch cook your meals, store them in the bags and put them into the freezer to reheat when you’re ready for dinner to save you time and money.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Household Food Vacuum Sealer

After you’ve acquired your domestic vacuum sealer, you must be aware of the processes to adopt that ensures you get the maximum return on your investment. While you will enjoy all the benefits associated with storing food and ingredients, you must take the necessary steps to maintain the machine to continue using it effectively.

  • Bear in mind that when you use the vacuum sealer, you are usually dealing with food items. For this reason, you must clean the machine immediately to prevent bacteria, dust, and pests from finding a home inside the sealer. Ideally, you should clean the machine after every use.
  • Cleaning your vacuum sealer is the first step to maintaining its efficient operation. If you leave soap residue after you clean, it could attract dirt and dust to the machine, which is a health risk.
  • It’s advisable to wipe the device down twice to ensure that you don’t leave soap residue. Be sure that it is completely dry before storing it in a safe area, away from the elements. Avoid using harsh detergents in the sealer; this includes those that you extensively use to clean kitchen tops. They contain harmful chemicals which become a hazard. Instead, use a mild soap with a damp cloth. It’s imperative that you don’t use a wet cloth that is dripping with water as you could damage the machine’s electrical components.

About Food Vacuum Sealers Australia

We are passionate about high-quality kitchenware and thanks to our presence at home shows, caravan and camping shows, and field days throughout Australasia, we’ve become the number one choice for a mini vacuum sealer and other kitchen products.

Our online store is simple to use and contains a wide range of items from which you could benefit. All products that you purchase from our store come with a one-year warranty, and the European vacuum sealers have a two-year warranty. Contact us if you have any questions relating to our products.