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Today’s modern society is all go. As a result, we are spending a lesser amount of time on food preparation, and putting a greater emphasis on convenience. Although it may be easier, most of us remain clueless about what is really in the prepackaged food that we buy. Top tips for vacuum packaging meat will help ypou understand.

The amount of time spent on cooking and preparing food directly correlates to our diet quality and health. Doesn’t it therefore seem logical that to buy in bulk, vacuum seal it, and keep food fresh by up to five times? By buying fresh, we know exactly how we are fuelling our bodies, and by vacuum sealing, we can maintain convenience by allowing our food to last longer.

Now we know that food vacuum sealing is the answer to the problem of nutrition and convenience, the next question becomes – how exactly should I be using this to get the most out of my food?

Top Tips for Vacuum Packaging Meat

  1. Irrespective of the type of food you’re vacuum packing, always consider the quality at the time of purchase. The fresher the meat, the longer the vacuum sealed food can be stored.
  2. If you’re buying in bulk, distribute the food out into smaller pieces and then vacuum seal them in batches.
  3. For meat or fish intended for long-term storage, it can be pre frozen before or after it has been vacuum-sealed. Ensure the unfreezing process is performed evenly as disproportionate defrosting of meat can lead to a purge of natural juices and therefore make the meat lose some of its flavour.
  4. If you’re packaging small pieces of boneless meat, fillet or seafood, place the meat flat in relatively large sized vacuum sealer bags. The machine will absorb any juice drawn towards the mouth of bag whilst duly drawing out all the oxygen.
  5. Mark all bags with the seal date and make it a point to use the oldest batches first.
  6. For the more hardcore vacuum sealers, use your commercial grade machine to seal a whole chicken or turkey – especially perfect for special occasions!

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As soon as the meat thaws out it can not be re frozen.
So I would suggest NO !!


I have the food saver system. I want to know if I can send frozen meat if the shipping takes 2-3 days, will the meat still be alright if it is immediately placed in the feezer?
☀️ ☀️

Hannah J Parrish

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