Vacuum sealing seafood

Vacuum sealing seafood is defiantly one of the most challenging foods that you can choose to vacuum seal. And this is because of the high liquid content that is very much like water. If you get liquid into the seal area the vacuum sealer will struggle to seal it and if you get liquid into the mouth of the vacuum sealer you will damage the vacuum sealer, this is the case if you have a cheap domestic vacuum sealer or an expensive commercial vacuum sealer. However by following a few of these simple rules it can be done very easily. 
Pat the fish fillets dry with paper towel.
Do not over fill the bag, 2/3 full is plenty.
Use paper towel inside the bag.
Use the pulse function on the vacuum sealer.
Freeze the product before vacuum sealing it.

So firstly here is a video on vacuum sealing fish

2Kg of Black fish fillets in a 28cm x 36cm bag

Our second video is vacuum sealing Prawns


Our Third video is vacuum sealing Scallops


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