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Silicone Food Storage Bags

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Silicone food storage bags



Silicone food storage bags will replace glad wrap and zip lock bags with multi use BPA free nontoxic silicone.  Silicone food storage bags are tough, flexible, durable and reusable. Reuse them over and over again for years to come, they won’t rip distort or leak! Easy to open and close with the slider, and they keep your food fresher longer. Use them for storing any types of food in the fridge or the freezer. You can even use Silicone food storage bags for sous vide cooking and boil in the bag reheating.

Silicone food storage bags come in 5 sizes with a slid closer and  measurements on the side, cup, ml and fluid oz. 

Silicone food storage bags sizes

  • 500ml clear white bag. Size is 15.5cm wide at the bottom, 18cm wide at the top and 14.5cm high.
  • 1L clear green bag. Size is 19cm wide at the bottom, 21cm wide at the top and 17cm high.
  • 1.5L clear red bag. Size is 23cm wide at the bottom, 26cm wide at the top and 21cm high.
  • 3L clear blue bag. Size is 30cm wide at the bottom, 34cm wide at the top and 28cm high
  • 4L clear white bag. Size is 30cm wide at the bottom, 34 cm wide at the top and 30.5cm high.


Silicone food storage bags are

  • Food grade silicone BPA and plastic free.
  • Temperature range, from -40 degrees C up to +230 degrees C.
  • Leak resistant, anti-spill.
  • Lightweight, portable and long-lasting.
  • Non-stick, odorless, tasteless, stain resistant.
  • Easy to wash in dishwasher and by hand.
  • Reusable and eco-friendly.


Use Silicone food storage bags for

  • All fresh foods.
  • Salads.
  • Vegetables and fruit.
  • Packed lunches.
  • Marinating meat.
  • Liquids, soups, stocks, juices.
  • Leftovers.
  • Open packets or bags.
  • Meal preparation.


Silicone food storage bags can be

  • Stored in fridge.
  • Stored in the freezer.
  • Cook in the bag and steamed.
  • Microwave defrost and cook.
  • Sous vide cooking.
  • Pantry organizing.
  • Space-saving.
  • Camping, tramping, boating, hunting and fishing.


Non-toxic and eco-friendly 

Silicone food storage bags are completely free of plastic, BPA, petroleum, latex. Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, stain resistant, these bags are also lightweight and portable.

Silicone food storage bags won't leak or deform shape

Clear colors, so you can easily see what is inside with a leakproof clear color slide to closer them.  The silicone food storage bags have very flexible sides so many sizes and shapes of food will easily fit. Silicone does not harden or crack with age.

HINT: If the clear slider is hard to slide across the bag, then put a few drops of water along the slide area at the top of the bag, it will then slide across easily.

Save money and space

One silicone storage bag can be used time and time again, so you will not waste money on single use storage bags or glad wrap. They also stand up straight which will save you space in the fridge and cupboards. When not in use they store away flat.

Cook in the Silicone food storage bags and sous vide cooking

For quick easy meals cook in the bag, in a pot, on the stove top, in the microwave, sous vide and in the oven.  Reheating pre-made meals was never easier, even steaming vegetables and fish. You can cook soups in them, also fruit, sauces and gravy is now extremely easy without the dirty the pot at the end!

Easy to clean silicon food storage bags

Simply wash upside down in the dishwasher with the slider on the top shelf or hand wash in hot soapy water.  Silicone is stain resistant and doesn’t retain colors or odors and is resistant to high heat.

HINT: If any staining from curries or Bolognese occurs, soak in baking soda with water for 3 - 4 hours

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