Compare the Provac 360 and i400

Putting the Status Provac 360 and the Preservac i400 side by side and giving them a fair comparison with each other.
Both the Preservac i400 and the Status Provac 360 are classed as commercial vacuum sealers and are both designed to work hard and reasonably fast, but besides the visual differences what does actually set them apart.
The biggest effect on the price of these 2 machines is where they are manufactured. The i400 is manufactured in China and has a 1 year warranty and the Status Provac 360 is manufactured in Slovenia, Europe and has a 2 year warranty.
So watch the video below and then we will list some of the main differences.
-- The Status has auto heat adjustment, the Preservac does not
-- The Status has a vacuum gauge, the Preservac has lights.
-- The Status weighs 8.5 kg, the Preservac weighs 5.8 kg
-- The Preservac is 40 cm wide, the Status is 36 cm wide
-- The Preservac has a roll film holder & cutter, The Status has no roll film holder. 
-- The Preservac has a clear lid and light in the vacuum chamber, Status does not
Both the Status Provac 360 and the Preservac i400 draw a similar wattage, have double seals, double pumps and we supply spare parts like seals and heat strips for both models. They both can be repaired if needed.
So there we have it as an unbiased comparison of 2 of our heavy weights in commercial food vacuum sealers. We back both models and we are happy what ever model you decide to purchase.

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