How to store and freeze vacuum sealed food correctly

How long does vacuum-sealed meat last in the fridge, and how do you properly pack it?

Meat is one of the most expensive products that go into our kitchen. However, it is an essential component of the human diet. It is one of the main sources of B vitamins. It cannot be denied that well-prepared meat is a real delicacy. However, it must be fresh to be tasty and healthy. How to keep meat fresh for longer?

How to vacuum pack meat?

Vacuum packing meat is very simple. However, you must have the right equipment for this. Many people try to vacuum-pack their meat in the "home away". However, we do not recommend such methods. They very often end up wasting good meat. It is extremely difficult to get rid of all the air yourself and seal the food as tightly as possible.

For vacuum packing of meat, you will first need a food vacuum sealer. You will find many such devices on the market. We recommend those that are the most durable and safest. That is why you will find food packaging machines made in Europe in the Food Vacuum Sealers store. They are of excellent quality, and you will get them in many different sizes. So you can choose the vacuum food packer that fits perfectly in your kitchen.

Another thing you need is vacuum packing bags or vacuum sealer rolls. When choosing them, consider several features. First, take care of your health. Choose BPA-free products. You will find them in the already mentioned online store. Another important feature is durability and high-quality artistry. Make sure the products you choose are multi-layered and structured.

You can move on to meat packaging if you have all the necessary items. Suitable for vacuum packaging:

  • Whole pieces of meat
  • Meat portions
  • Minced meat
  • Cold cuts
  • Sausages
  • Seasoned meat

To vacuum-package, the meat is first placed in pouches or foil. Then place them in a vacuum food packer and use the device to extract air and seal the edges. That's it; your meat is wrapped!

How long does vacuum-sealed meat last in the fridge and the freezer?

Vacuum packing meat has many advantages. As we already mentioned, this way, you will keep the meat from spoiling. This is the perfect way to save money. The vacuum-packed meat retains all its nutritional properties. In addition, it is just as juicy all the time. If you pack seasoned meat, the flavour and aroma will be more intense. However, surely what interests you the most is the answer to the question: how long does vacuum-sealed meat last in the fridge and the freezer?

How long you can keep the meat depends on two important points. The first is the type of meat. The second is storage conditions. Especially for you, we have prepared basic information on the shelf life of several types of vacuum-packed meats.

Vacuum-packed meat stored in a refrigerator:

  • Beef: 8 days
  • Poultry: 7 days
  • Pork: 6 days
  • Smoked meat: 6-12 weeks
  • Ham: 3 weeks
  • Fresh sausages: 2 weeks
  • Fresh fish: 7 days
  • Vacuum-packed meat stored in the freezer:
  • Small pieces of meat: 1 year
  • Fresh fish: 1 year
  • Large pieces of meat: 2-3 years

As you can see, vacuum-packed food can last up to five times longer. Why is this happening? This is because the meat does not come into contact with air after vacuum packing. This prevents the growth of aerobic bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for the development of all decay processes. Due to them, food loses its nutritional value and deteriorates.

What else can be vacuum-packed?

You may wonder why you only need a vacuum sealer to pack meat. However, you need to know that this overall investment is in better, healthier food. You can also vacuum pack a whole lot of other products. A perfect example is vegetables and fruit. What's more, ready-made meals are also suitable for vacuum packaging. Bread and confectionery products are also suitable for vacuum packaging. Many people use vacuum packaging for loose products, such as pasta or coffee.

Remember that each vacuum-packed food should be stored in appropriate conditions. For example, loose products should be in a shaded, cool place. It is also worth ensuring that the food is packed in the portions you will use. This way, you only ever unpack as much food as you need to. This way, you won't waste food, and that's what vacuum food packaging is all about.

Thanks to vacuum packing, your eating habits will change. You will start eating healthy and fresh without worrying about high food costs. You will also keep order for the purchased food products. It is a good investment for any household.


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