Vacuum Sealer Bags Information

Food vacuum sealers Australia Vacuum Bags are a pre made vacuum sealer bag that is sealed on 3 sides.  Supplied by Food Vacuum Sealers Australia. They are ready to put product in and vacuum seal. This does cost a bit more but saves so much time if you are vacuum sealing large quantities. Fantastic option for home kills and commercial kitchens.

Our Vacuum sealer Bags are exactly the same food vacuum sealer film as our food vacuum sealer roll film. Superior quality, multilayer with a dimpled spot pattern to aid in the extraction of air. 100 micron on the dimple side and 80 micron on the smooth side.  BPA free so you can use them for sous vide cooking, boiling in the bag and even in the microwave. These food vacuum sealer bags will work in all of our food vacuum sealers and also in any other type of external food vacuum sealer you may have.

Sizes avalible of the vacuum sealer bags do range from 10cm wide up to 40cm wide. Some sizes like the 25cm and 35cm wide food vacuum bags are specific to certain models of food vacuum sealers. Be sure to check the discriptions so you select the correct width for both the job at hand and the food vacuum sealer that you have. When it comes to the 28cm and 30 cm wide food vacuum bags, be sure to measure the length of your vacuum area. Some full size food vacuum sealers are 30cm wide and some are 29cm wide.

Bulk Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

Buy Bulk Vacuum Sealer Bags and save over 20% on retail today. First of all our bulk food vacuum bags are listed as single packets, as 5 packet lots and as 10 packet lots. Some packets have 50 pre made food vacuum bags in total. furthermore some have less depending on the size of the food vacuum bag. No matter what listing of food vacuum bags you choose you will certainly get a great deal.

Our quality of bulk vacuum Sealer bags is second to none. Surperior quality, multilayer with a dimple spot pattern. 100 micron on the dimple and 80 micron on the smooth. The dimple spot pattern is essential for the extraction of air when vacuum sealing the food vacuum bag. All our food vacuum film is food grade and BPA free. Pre made bags are widely used for sous vide cooking, and also suitable for boil in the bag and microwave.

All pre made vacuum Sealer bags come with 3 sides sealed up. they have a 1cm wide seal on each side. Pre made food vacuum bags cost a little more than food vacuum rolls. The time to do the job is considirably reduced so you save on time and wages. Pre made bags are commonly used by farmers doin home kills, Butchers and commercial kitchens.

All our vacuum sealer bags are sent out with Australia post. Therefore please allow 3 - 5 working days for delivery in eastern states. Allow 5 - 7 working days in western and northern states. However, unfortunatly we can not provide over night delivery.