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Preservide Sous Vide Stick

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Preservide Sous Vide Stick

✓ Waterproof      ✓ IPX7 Waterproof

The Preservide Sous Vide Stick has an efficient power draw of 1200W and will always ensures that the optimum temperature is reached quickly. Advanced technology will ensure that water temperature is a constant temperature with extremely low tolerance of +/- 0.1c, achieving the perfect and constant cooking temperature. In comparison to comparable models, which will only heat the water near the sous vide stick, the circulation propeller of the Preservide sous vide stick ensures a constant temperature with in the water vessel. So, the Preservide sous vide stick will cook the food evenly and not fluctuate in temperature or have any cold spots. The advanced technology clearly sets the Preservide sous vide stick apart. The water proof rating is IPX7 certification, so it can be submerged in water without any damage to the unit or any danger to the user.

Key Features 

- Professional Preservide sous vide stick.
- IPX7 waterproof.
- 1200 watts to the heater element.
- Suitable for a vessel volume of 5 to 20 Litres.
- Low water alarm.
- Circulates 10 L per minute.
- Preservide sous vide stick has a maximum Temperature of 90ºC.
- Temperature control maximum variance of +/- 0.1ºC.
- Timer up to 99 hours 59 minutes.
- Preservide sous vide stick has a LCD touch display.
- Stainless steel lower body.
- It is compatible with any round or square pot or container.

- Super Easy to Use.

Control Panel

Easy to operate and read the LED touch display. They are only 4 touch buttons.

- An on/off button.
- Settings to go from temperature to time.
- A plus button to increase temperature or time.

- A minus button to decrease temperature and time.

Super easy to use

Operating the Preservide sous vide stick is easy as it comes and lets every hobby chef deliver professional results. No cheap attachment to the vessel as the quick-release clamp makes it easy to remove and re-position it in any direction. Due to the built-in, high-quality clip, you can easily clamp the Preservide sous vide stick to any pot or container and start cooking like the professional do.

Quality is the Preservide sous vide sticks top priority

All the Preservide products are sustainably produced and have an above-average lifespan. Should you need a repair or service, Food vacuum sealers Australia has high quality customer service. In addition to sous vide cooking, the Preservide sous vide cooker is perfect for gently defrosting frozen food. Simply place it in the cold water with the frozen food. Set the temperature no higher than 25°C. The defrosting time will vary depending on the amount of the food.

Preservide sous vide cooker dimensions

L 32 cm, W 9 cm, D 5 cm

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