Preservac PXR P2 video

Preservac PXR P2 video will explain its features and ease of use.

Preservac food vacuum sealers were introduced in 2022 by a Perth company, Taste factory. There is currently 3 models in the range and PXR P2 is in the middle. It has by far become the most popular out of the 3 as it has all the features of a professional vacuum sealer at a very affordable price. 

With a double pump and double seals it goes to an impressive 90Kpa drawing 20L per minute. The Preservac PXR P2 is extremally versatile with 3 heat settings and 2 pump speeds. You can use it in auto mode or it has a pulse button to operate it manually. It is also compatible with canisters. The PXR P2 vacuum sealer is very compact but will still accommodate a 30 cm wide bag or roll and has a built in roll film holder and cutter that will easily accommodate a 30 cm x 5 m roll

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