Spare Parts

 We are one of the few food vacuum sealer companies that compliment our service by supplying spare parts for all our vacuum sealers that we sell. The 2 things that will wear out on any vacuum sealer are the foam seals and the teflon heat strip. It is just normal wear and tear, once the foam seals wear out or become hard from liquid they will not form a seal and the vacuum sealer will just keep running and not go to full vacuum. when the teflon heat strip gets wear or damage on it the vacuum sealer will struggle to make a perfect seal and the bags will lose there vacuum. Both of these are an easy fix if you can source the correct part for youe vacuum sealer. If you purchased a food vacuum sealer from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia you will be able to replace these parts and get you vacuum sealer working correctly again. If you bought your vacuum sealer from another company you will need to contact them or the manufacturer for parts. It does pay to research avalibility of these parts before purchasing your vacuum sealer.