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Food Vacuum Sealer Pre-Made Bags All Sizes

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Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags all sizes

Food vacuum sealers Australia supplies embossed Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags all sizes of the highest quality and largest range in sizes. They are food safety tested, FDA approved and they are BPA free, so they have a wide range of uses from the freezer to the microwave or sous vide cooking. Keeping food 5 times longer than normal food storage time.

Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags are convenient and save time and money in making the bag from a vacuum sealer roll. Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags can be washed and re-used also saving you money. Our embossed Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags are also known as cryovac bags. Please select the size of the Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags then select the number of bags required under, “First - select the size of bag required” and then "Second- select the quantity of packets required and save on each packet added." Price per packet will become cheaper.

Cost per Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags packet when buying more than 1 packet of the same size

10 cm x 25 m x 50 per pkt - 1 pkt $7.49, 2 roll $6.99, 5 roll $6.49, 10 roll $5.49,

Carton of 30 pkts $4.99 each packet.

10 cm x 50 m x 50 per pkt - 1 pkt $15.99, 2 pkt $14.99, 5 pkt $12.99, 10 pkt $10.99,

Carton of 25 pkts $9.99 each packet.

12 cm x 50 m x 50 per pkt - 1 pkt $19.99, 2 pkt $18.99, 5 pkt $16.99, 10 pkt $14.99,

Carton of 14 pkts $12.99 each packet.

15 cm x 25 m x 50 per pkt - 1 pkt $12.99, 2 pkt $11.99, 5 pkt $10.99, 10 pkt $9.99,

Carton of 25 pkts $8.99 each packet.

20 cm x 30 m x 50 per pkt - 1 pkt $19.99, 2 pkt $18.99, 5 pkt $16.99, 10 pkt $14.99,

Carton of 30 pkt $12.99 each packet.

25 cm x 35 m x 50 per pkt - 1 pkt $29.99, 2 pkt $27.99, 5 pkt $25.99, 10 pkt $23.99,

Carton of 20 pkts $19.99 each packet.

28 cm x 36 m x 50 per pkt - 1 pkt $34.99, 2 pkt $32.99, 5 pkt $27.99, 10 pkt $23.99,

Carton of 18 pkts $20.99 each packet.

30 cm x 40 m x 50 per pkt - 1 pkt $38.99, 2 pkt $36.99, 5 pkt $32.99, 10 pkt $26.99,

Carton of 18 pkts $23.99 each packet.

35 cm x 50 m x 25 per pkt - 1 pkt $26.99, 2 pkt $25.99, 5 pkt $24.99, 10 pkt $22.99,

Carton of 20 pkts $18.99 each packet.

Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags sizes

10 cm x 25 cm (8 cm x 24 cm inside) - small portions and items.

10 cm x 50 cm (8 cm x 49 cm inside) - Cabanossi, Beer sticks, Salami.

12 cm x 50 cm (10 cm x 49 cm inside) - Salami sausages.

15 cm x 25 cm (13 cm x 24 cm inside) - Salami, single potions of meat.

20 cm x 30 cm (18 cm x 29 cm inside) - Suitable when packing for two or a single meal.

25 cm x 35 cm (23 cm 34 cm inside) - Great middle of the road size.

28 cm x 36 cm (26 cm x 35 cm inside) - Suitable when packing larger amounts and roasts. Maximum width Status HV100 & HV500, Home 280 and ZeroPak Dualvac.

30 cm x 40 cm (28 cm x 39 cm inside) - Max width for the Status Solid 300, Preservac PXR K1 & P2, all other domestic vacuum sealers please check width of the foam seals.

35 cm x 50 cm (33 cm x 49 cm inside) - Max width for the Status Provac, suitable for the FVS400 and Preservac i400 not suitable for most domestic vacuum sealers. 


* For all Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags, first measurement is the width or open end that goes into the vacuum sealer, second measurement is the length.

* The measurements are external measurements and include the factory seal. The factory seal is 1 cm wide on each side so internal width measurements are less 2 cm.

Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags specifications

  • Thickness is 80 microns on the clear side.
  • Manufacturing is lamination, not extruded.
  • Fast air extraction through advanced embossed channeling. 
  • Fully tested for food safety, BPA free, FDA approved.
  • You can boil in the bag, maximum 100 °C.
  • Suitable for the freezer, minimum -20 °C.
  • Ideal for the fridge.
  • You can put into the microwave; pierce the bag first.
  • Clear one side for a clear vision of content.
  • Will not retain flavors or odors.
  • Multi layered 4ply for optimum sealing and strength.
  • Bidirectional pattern for optimal air flow when vacuuming.
  • Suitable for all external bag food vacuum sealers.

Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags structure

  • 4 ply, or 4 layers of PA/PE.
  • PA is Polyamide – this ensures it is impermeable.
  • PE is Polyethylene – This ensures the quality of the sealed strip.
  • 1 side clear for visibility.
  • 1 side dimple for air extraction.
  • 1 cm wide factory seal each side, internal measurement -2 cm

Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags are reusable

Our Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags are fully reusable. Simply turn inside out and hand wash or place in the Dishwasher.

    If you require a full carton of Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags, PLEASE CLICK HERE for more information

    Superior quality Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags

    Food vacuum sealers Australia is the direct Importer and Australian supplier. We have no hidden costs and no extra charges apart from delivery which is calculated before you complete your order. We are also Australian owned and operated. Furthermore, we have the biggest selection in sizes of Food vacuum sealer rolls and Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags in Australia.

    Buy direct from Food Vacuum sealers Australia and save!

    Your food will last 5 times longer with the highest quality of Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags in Australia, with the perfect vacuum seal every time.

    If you require this size of Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags in bulk, PLEASE CLICK HERE to purchase a full carton.

    • Estimated delivery for standard post for NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD: Apr 20 - Apr 24
    • Allow extra for SA, NT, WA All orders shipped with Australia post. Express post is quicker but not overnight

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