Commercial Vacuum Sealers

These Commercial Vacuum Sealers are commercial grade cryovac vacuum sealers. Meaning they are designed to work hard, they can be used contiuously and will all go to around the 90Kpa. They all have liquid traps and either double or triple sealing bars. If you have a lot of vacuum sealing to do or are in a commercial kitchen these are the models to have. Our commercial vacuum sealers are supplied by Sico (Italy) and Status (Slovinea). We carry spare foam seals and heat strips for all models and we can sercice these machines should something go wrong. All our  commercial vacuum sealers carry a 2 year warranty. Dont be fooled by cheaper machines that call themselves commercial quality and are not. 

We Offer an Extensive Range of Home and Commercial Vacuum Sealers and Spare Parts

People utilise their commercial vacuum sealers and other imported products every day, so we know that they withstand continuous use and should perform as you would want them to. We gladly discuss your requirements.

What Sets Food Vacuum Sealers Australia Apart Regarding Your Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer?

We have spare parts available for the machines you buy from us, and we will maintain and overhaul them to provide you with reliable long-term usage.

  • Our top-quality Status Provac 360 Commercial is manufactured in Slovenia and has a two-year warranty. It outdoes any other vacuum sealer in its class. Based on state-of-the-art technology, it comprises a liquid sensor that provides absolute wet protection − which is a world-first − a pulse function for squashy foods and fluids, and an accurate vacuum gauge.
  • The Status Provac 360 Commercial vacuum sealer housing is made of stainless-steel. It has a 36-centimetre sealing bar with double three-millimetre seals, and a speedy vacuum as well as an auto marinate cycle. The door opens automatically after the sequence is complete, and the vacuum gauge is accurate.
  • We provide double-sided sticky strips that hold the bags in place, a comprehensive user manual, a connecter for vacuum canisters, power cord, manual roll film cutter, two rolls, and ten bags with the sealer.

Problems Our Commercial Food Vacuum Sealer Addresses

Demanding users who box up a considerable amount of food and won’t compromise on quality will find our industrial vacuum sealer exceptionally useful and trustworthy.

  • Your profits depend on the excellence of the supplies you keep in cold storage, and you want to keep it fresh for as long as possible.
  • You remove the oxygen that permits bacteria to grow when you vacuum seal fish, sausages, vegetables, nuts, fruits, and other foods to prevent mould and decay from setting in, thus limiting the amount of money you can lose as a result of damage.

Why You Should Use Food Vacuum Sealers Australia

We offer outstanding customer service that includes a refund or the exchange of an unused product in the original packaging, accompanied by proof of purchase, within 30 days. Australia Post handles and tracks your order, and you can use PayPal, afterpay, Shopify, and major credit cards to pay for your purchase.