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Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags all sizes

Food vacuum sealer pre-made bags all sizes

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Compostable food vacuum bags
Compostable food vacuum bags - food vacuum sealer pre-made bags - Food Vacuum Sealers Australia - Food Vacuum Sealers Australia

Compostable food vacuum bags

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Zip lock vacuum sealer bags

Zip lock vacuum sealer bags

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Salami vacuum sealer bags

Salami vacuum sealer bags

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Food vacuum sealer rolls and bags bulk cartons

Food vacuum sealer rolls and bags bulk cartons

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Roll film cutter
Roll Film Cutter - food vacuum roll film cutter - Food Vacuum Sealer accessories Australia - Food Vacuum Sealers Australia

Roll film cutter

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Freezer Bag Labels

Freezer Bag Labels

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What Our Customers Have To Say?

All Our Food Vacuum Sealer Bags, also known as Cryovac bags, are a multi-layer, spot pattern. 100 microns on the dimple side and 80 microns on the smooth side. They are designed for external bag vacuum sealers of various makes and models, both domestic and commercial. Click on the size you want then select the number of packets of vacuum sealer bags you want. The more you get, the cheaper they get per packet. If you require more than 4 packets of one size please go to our bulk vacuum sealer bags page for a further discount per packet. The size of the bags is an outside measurement, the seal on each side is 1cm wide, so the inside measurement is 2 cm less on the width and 1 cm less on the length. For example, the outside measurement is 20 cm x 28 cm then inside measurement is 18 cm x 27 cm

Enjoy Food Savings with the Protective Barrier of Vacuum Sealer Bags

At Food Vacuum Sealers Australia we are very serious about reducing food wastage, which is why we provide only premium quality vacuum sealer bags to seal food. We are the leading importer of premium-quality vacuum sealers and vacuum seal bags into Australia. Our imports ensure that you can enjoy quality protection with our vacuum sealing bags as our main supplier is the leading manufacturer in the vacuum-sealing industry. Through our trusted partnerships with our suppliers, we can provide a premium quality product at affordable prices.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Vac Seal Bags

Our vacuum-sealed food bags offer a multi-layered protective barrier with a spot pattern of 100 microns on the dimple side of the bag and 80 microns on the smooth side of the pouch. You might also be familiar with the other term for the same product, Cryovac bags. You can enjoy several benefits from the multiple uses these quality vacuum sealer pouches offer.

  • Vacuum pack food bags offer a protective barrier that prevents food from drying out, prevents exposure to airborne pathogens, and freezer burn. When you opt for freezer storage, your food is always at risk of any kind of moisture getting into the packaging and this moisture is one of the main causes of freezer burn. Through vacuum-sealed protection, your food is not at risk of such exposure.
  • Even if you don’t have to rely on freezer storage, and shelf storage is perfectly fine, you can still extend the life of your food by 3 to 5 times than when you store it in plastic containers or bags. Longer-lasting food equals less food wastage and massive savings. Every year we waste tons of food because it went bad before consumption. It is a global problem that needs to be addressed, considering the widespread hunger the world is facing. You can do your bit to avoid food from spoiling simply by opting for proper storage with the help of our freezer bags. Once all your food is properly vacuum sealed it is far easier to organise your food storage units, regardless of whether it is on a shelf, in your fridge or freezer.
  • Our quality vacuum seal food storage bags can also save you time as you can pre-pack individual portions of food either for freezing and quick defrosting, or to take with you on the go. These pre-packed foods can help you to stop eating unhealthy snacks and will save you time as you can just grab a bag, and you are ready to go.
  • As these bags serve as a protective barrier, your food is safe, and it contains all its natural flavours. Thus, vacuum seal bags will have your food tasting better for longer. Do you have leftover food after a nice family meal? There is no need to discard the food and let it go to waste. Rather seal the food immediately and pop it into your freezer. You can even seal wine and other liquids such as soups and sauces, for easy freezing.
  • Our vacuum-sealed bags are available in various sizes. Our user-friendly online platform makes it easy to place your orders regardless of whether you need small vacuum sealer bags for leftovers or pre-packed meals or large vacuum sealer bags for bulky items.

The vacuum-sealed bags are also handy outside the kitchen as it is a perfect way to store away garments you pack away when the seasons change. A vacuum-sealed bag will offer protection against bugs that might take a nibble from your favourite sweaters or cashmere. Having your wardrobe sealed in bags for the season also makes it far easier to keep items in your closet neat and organised.

About Food Vacuum Sealers Australia

Our location in NSW is perfect for our business, surrounded by farmers and hunters as well as fishermen and holidaymakers. These clients are often in need of quality packaging solutions to keep their food safe. Since 2008 we have been involved in the industry, providing outstanding quality vacuum sealing equipment and the accessories needed to keep produce safe. Our team is working endlessly to always expand on our already versatile range of sizes in vacuum sealer bags and other solutions. We recently took over the business and clients of Food Vacuum Sealers Australia, to be able to provide our clients with an even wider range of solutions. As a trusted provider with years of experience in delivering excellent service, we are confident in all our products and gladly give you the peace of mind of knowing you are purchasing quality goods. We offer a 12-month guarantee on all items we sell.

Do you have storage concerns? Speak to our team and see how we can always assist with quality solutions to keep your food lasting and tasty for longer.