How To Dry Age Meat Videos

The Umai Dry Aging Of Meat Videos

Welcome to the process of dry aging meat. This is a process that was start hundreds of years ago to preserve meat for long periods of time. It also adds to the flavor and tendinous of the cut of meat. So choose large poorer quality cuts for your dry aging such as whole Brisket or whole Rumps. Hopefully the following videos will explain dry aging of meat and the process of dry aging meat with Umai dry aging bags. 

The basics of dry aging whole cuts of meat

Using Umai dry aging bags and a vacuum sealer

Trimming and steaking out after dry aging meat

Once you have dry aged your meat for around 30 days you will then need to cut it into steaks and trim it. The following video will explain this. If you have pets they will love the trimmings as a treat, I know mine do.

Independent Dry aging video

The following video is done by an independent guy that used Umai dry age bags. It is lengthy but goes into a bit more detail and shows a couple of mistakes that are commonly done by first timers. Well worth the watch if you have not dry aged meat before.

Cooking a dry aged steak

Cooking a dry aged steak the right way is just as important as the dry aging itself. If it is done wrong you can dry it out easily and spoil all that hard work and expensive meat.

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