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Status Mason Jar Sealer

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Status Mason jar sealer

The Status Mason jar sealer is used to reseal 82 mm wide mason jars and 82 mm wide tin lid jars. By vacuum sealing them it will preserve the contents much longer. It is commonly used for homemade jams and pickles etc.. The Mason jars and lids are not supplied with the Status Mason jar sealer

How to use a Status Mason jar sealer

  • For this attachment the jar must be 82 mm wide.
  • Place the mason lid on the mason jar with out the screw on ring.
  • Push the mason jar sealer onto the top of the jar.
  • Be sure that the mason jar sealer is touching the rim of the mason jar.
  • Place a pump or vacuum hose over the valve of the mason jar sealer.
  • Pump until you feel resistance or the pump cuts out.
  • Leave the mason jar sealer on the mason jar for 1 minute.
  • Then push the valve to one side to release the vacuum.
  • Remove the mason jar sealer and the mason jar is now sealed.
  • Screw the ring on to keep it sealed.

Here is a great video of the Status Mason jar sealer in action

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