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Preservac PXR P2 Food Vacuum Sealer

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Preservac PXR P2 food vacuum 

Our Preservac PXR P2 food vacuum sealer is a middle of the range, professional vacuum sealer. With a low 130 watts it still packs the punch of the bigger machines. We class it as a professional food vacuum sealer and is capable of 150 cycles, 1 cycle being 1 minute and will take bags 30 cm wide. It has a strong dual pump that goes to 90Kpa, taking 20L per minute and has a removable liquid tray for liquid protection. If you are after a powerfully quick food vacuum sealer, then this is the model!!

The Preservac PXR P2 food vacuum sealer is constructed of blackened stainless steel and has a built in roll film holder and cutter for convenience. Easy to change foam seals with removable liquid trap. The pulse function makes it very easy to vacuum seal sensitive soft foods or controlling liquids when needed. Going to a vacuum of 90Kpa, drawing 20L/min and able to get through 150 cycles in 150 minutes, this professional vacuum sealer will keep up with most commercial vacuum sealers. The Preservac range are a very modern design with easy to use functions.

Preservac PXR P2 food vacuum sealer functions

  • Modern design.
  • 30 cm sealing width, 
  • Double 3 mm seals.
  • 130w
  • Fast double pump. 
  • Strong vacuum pressure. 
  • 20L per minute.
  • Auto vacuum/seal function.
  • Lid has soft close and locks down.
  • Pulse function with manual seal.
  • 150 cycles (1 cycle = 1 min)
  • Removable liquid tray.
  • Compatible with canisters and other accessories.
  • Extensive user manual.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Includes 1 x 20cm roll 5m long
  • Quick delivery time, free delivery tracking.


Preservac PXR P2 food vacuum sealer model code

  • P - Preservac
  • X - EXternal bag vacuum sealer
  • R - Roll film holder and cutter
  • P - Professional vacuum sealer
  • 2 - 2 seal


CLICK HERE to view a video on the Preservac PXR P2 food vacuum sealer

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