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Status HV100 Home Vac

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Status HV100 Home Vac

Domestic food vacuum sealer with features of a commercial vacuum sealer. The Status HV100 Home Vac is designed by Status in Europe. This latest model from Status is second to none. With many features you would find in a commercial food vacuum sealer. The Status HV100 Home Vac has a pulse function and also a removable liquid tray. It is compatible with our canister sets. Dry and moist setting to increase the seal time, normal and gentle to decrease the speed of the pump. With its easy-to-use operation it will deliver up to -0.75Kpa with a strong, single 3 mm seal and a width of 29 cm sealing bar. 

IMPORTANT - Remove the 2 silicone spacer blocks at each end of the inside of the lid before use. These are for storage and transport purposes only and will stop the vacuum sealer from working correctly.


  • European quality design from Slovenia.
  • 29 cm sealing width, single 3 mm seal.
  • Fast single turbo pump, draws 130w.
  • Delivers a vacuum pressure of -0.75 KPA, continuous vacuum for large jobs and a quick cooling time.
  • Single Pump 8L per minute.
  • Accurate operation.
  • Liquid protection with built drip try.
  • Manual pulse function for soft foods and liquids.
  • 1-year warranty.

Extra features

  • Canister port.
  • Built in liquid trap.
  • Cutter included.
  • Extensive user manual.

Included in the box

  • Status HV100 Home Vac.
  • Power cord.
  • 5  bags 20 cm x 28 cm.
  • 1 connector for vacuum canisters.
  • 1 manual roll film cutter.
  • 1 user manual.
  • For any assistance or inquiries regarding the Status HV100, please call 0427131007.

Status HV500 Home Vac functions

  • Dry/Moist - Normal operation should be set on dry. Moist function prolongs the sealing time, and should only be used for the first two seals when in very cold conditions, or if you are doing items with liquid and you notice it around the seal area. Only use moist for 3 consecutive seals then switch it back to dry, or you may notice the seal melting.
  • Normal/Gentle - Use normal operation for most vacuum sealing. Gentle operation will slow the pump down which will give you greater control, which is good for soft foods and liquids. Use gentle in the pulse function.
  • Vac/seal - This is the auto function where it will go to full vacuum then automatically switch to seal. The lid needs to be locked down in place. You can cancel at any stage by pressing stop.
  • Seal - Runs the seal function only. Lid needs to be locked down, pump will start to complete the cycle. Great for just sealing bags, or making a bag from a continuous roll.
  • Pulse - Use when vacuum packing soft food or liquid. When you press pulse the pump starts, when you release the button the pump stops. You can repeat it or press the seal button to seal the bag. Also use pulse for the canister hose on vacuum canisters, vacuum jug, vacuum lids, and wine stoppers. Lock the lid down and connect the canister hose. The pump will pulsate when desired vacuum has reached.
  • Stop - Cancels any of the operations.