Food vacuum sealer bag questions and answers

Questions about food vacuum sealer bags

Food vacuum sealers Australia have been selling the best food vacuum sealers for many years now. To get the best from your vacuum sealer you also need the best food vacuum sealer bags. Once you have a great combination you will have less trouble when vacuum sealing. To further help you on your next food vacuum sealing job, below are some very common faults that we get asked about all the time and they have some very easy fixes.

Firstly, lets bust some myths about vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer rolls.

Are all vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer rolls the same?

No, they are not. Firstly, you have food vacuum bags for chamber vacuum sealers (smooth both sides). Secondly you have vacuum sealer bags for external bag vacuum sealers (patterned on one side and smooth on the other side). Food vacuum sealers Australia deals in external bag food vacuum sealers so those are the vacuum sealer bags we sell. You can not user a chamber vacuum bag in an external vacuum bag sealer, it will not work.

Some vacuum sealer bags are made by Lamination and some are made by extrusion. Basically, this is the 2 methods of getting the right properties into the food vacuum bag for strength and sealing. Lamination is by far the better way as you have 2 complete layers of each property laminated together. If your vacuum sealer has been running fine and you just bought some vacuum sealer bags cheap off Joe Blog and the vacuum sealer started playing up, then it is probably because of the cheap food vacuum bags.

Should I use vacuum sealer bags or vacuum sealer rolls?

The truth is that there is a place for both food vacuum bags and food vacuum rolls in most food vacuum sealing jobs. We can only supply so many sizes of pre-made vacuum sealer bags and Food vacuum sealers Australia does have 1 of the largest selections of sizes. However, it is always handy to have a vacuum sealer roll around for the extra long er food vacuum bag that you may need. Don’t think that you will save money buying rolls though, because this is also far from the truth. I actual fact our bags, from

My vacuum sealer seals the bag before all the air is out

The mouth of the vacuum bag is not between the foam seals

You have purchased vacuum sealer bags that are smooth on both sides that are for a chamber vacuum sealer. Your food vacuum bags must be embossed or patterned on one side so the air can be drawn out.

You have pushed the food out to the sides of the food vacuum bag. Once you have filled the vacuum sealer bag with food you should push it in from both sides about 1 cm so the air from the bottom of the vacuum sealer bag has an easy path to move through.

The food vacuum sealer sucks all the air out but it will not change over to seal.

Possibly there is damage on the vacuum sealer bag or a hole in it.

The food vacuum bag is not placed with in the foam seals or to wide for the vacuum sealer.

The foam seals are damaged or compressed and need replacing.

Why does my food vacuum sealer vacuum and seal ok but the bags let go with in minutes, hours or the next day?

The food vacuum bag has been damaged, possible piercing from a sharp bone (put paper towel over any sharps) or the factory seals are no good

Liquid has travelled up the vacuum sealer bag and contaminated the seal area. Leave 100mm of vacuum sealer bag above the food for liquid, pat food dry with paper towel, and you can also put a strip of paper towel inside the food vacuum bag, above the food to act as a barrier for liquid. Fold the top of the bag down when filling so you don’t get the seal area contaminated.

The vacuum sealer has overheated and melting the bag not sealing it. Rest your machine more often.

The vacuum sealer bag is to short or over full so as it vacuums it pulls inward and causes creases in the seal area that leak.

The Teflon heat strip is damaged and causing an imperfection in the seal. Replace the Teflon heat strip.

Why is my vacuum sealer melting bags or shut down?

Any good quality vacuum sealer will have overheating protection built into it that will shut the machine down until it is cool enough to operate again. This could be a few seconds to a few minutes. If you work the vacuum sealer to fast then it will start melting food vacuum bags and overheat. This is very common when using food vacuum rolls because you are doing twice as many seals to make the vacuum sealer bags. Use pre made vacuum sealer bags as often as you can, rest your vacuum sealer more often and mix up your work station so you are not just vacuum sealing.

Where can I get new foam seals for my food vacuum sealer?

All food vacuum sealers will need a new set of foam seals within a year or so, depending how it is been used. The foam seals get hard from liquid and compressed over time and to keep the food vacuum sealer running efficiently the seals must be replaced. Before you buy a new vacuum sealer you should be sure that the company selling it or the manufacturer supplies new seals for that brand and model of food vacuum sealer. If they don’t then your vacuum sealer will not last you very long at all. The foam seal kits for any food vacuum sealer are specific to that model, they must be a certain shape, length, height and width. So, the answer is you can only get new foam seal kits from the supplier or the manufacture of your food vacuum sealer. Buy right and buy once, do the research before you purchase so you can keep your food vacuum sealer running like new for years to come.  


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