Ranking the best food vacuum sealer in Australia for 2023

Ranking of the best vacuum sealers in Australia: 2023

Looking for the best vacuum sealer? Then you are in the right place! Today we will present reviews of the top-rated vacuum sealers. Be sure to check which devices are best for home use and which are for commercial use!

The most popular brands of vacuum sealers

Before we discuss individual devices, let's describe the most popular brands of vacuum sealers. These brands include, of course, Status, ZeroPak and FVS.

Status is a company that has been operating since 1995. They started their activity by producing practical kitchen tools. Today, they are one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum sealers and other fantastic devices. As a Slovenian company, Status meets the highest European standards. The products of this brand already reach forty countries around the world.

The second most popular brand of vacuum sealers is ZeroPak. A New Zealand company created this brand in 2005. Since this time, ZeroPak has been famous for its reliable products. This company has developed several lines of vacuum sealers. All of them were made especially for domestic use. ZeroPak has been on the market for two decades and currently reaches customers Throughout Australasia.

Reviews of the best vacuum sealers for home use

First, let's look at vacuum sealers for home use. These are devices that are perfect for every household. On the podium of our ranking stood:

  • Status HV100 Home Vac,
  • Zeropack Dualvac 12 volt,
  • Status Minivac.

Each of these devices is described below.

Third place: Minivac status

The Status Minivac is one of the most popular vacuum sealers in Australia. Users loved it primarily for its small size and very quiet operation. The Status Minivac weighs less than a kilogram! The welding area in this device is 30 cm. Such a vacuum sealer is perfect for small kitchens. Many people use it in caravans and boats. Importantly, this device is undemanding. The power consumption of the Minivac vacuum sealer is 110 watts. Users also praise the simplified control panel. One button is enough to pack your favourite products.

Second place: Zeropack Dualvac 12 volt

The second most popular vacuum sealer in Australia (2023) is the Zeropack Dualvac. It is slightly larger than the Status Minivac and weighs less than 1.5 kg. However, it has more features than the third-placed device. For users, the pressure control option is the most important. The Zeropack Dualvac allows you to choose whether you want the pressure to be normal or gentle. Many people also appreciate the possibility of vacuuming the canister and similar containers. An effective option in this vacuum sealer is changing the food setting from dry to moist. This option allows you to seal wet food or liquids more tightly.

First place: HV100 Home Vac Status

The Status HV100 Home Vac took the highest place on our podium of home vacuum sealers. This device weighs about two kilograms. However, it is a manageable size and will fit virtually any kitchen. The Status of the HV100 is a real gem. This vacuum sealer is equipped with a wide sealing bar. The operation of this welder is based on a turbo pump.

Moreover, this vacuum sealer has a built-in liquid trap, protecting the device from liquids. The Status HV100 has a fast vacuum cycle and can override the seal manually. Solid housing ensures the high durability of this device. This vacuum sealer also has an auto shut-off option in case of overheating. With such a device, you can pack your favourite products every day.

Reviews of the best commercial vacuum sealers

Vacuum sealers for commercial use differ from those intended for households. That's why we have a separate ranking for them. Here are Australia's top three commercial vacuum sealers:

  • Status Provac 360,
  • Status Solid 300
  • FVS400.

Each of these devices is described below.

Third place: FVS400

Sico FVS400 is a device equipped with a 42 cm vast vacuum chamber. It is equipped with a manual closing system. In addition, FVS400 adjustable seal time and vacuum time. The pump in this vacuum sealer works automatically. At FVS400, you can adjust the vacuum valve and choose the automatic or manual operating mode. A professional vacuum gauge and sealing adjustment will allow you to make the most of the device's capabilities. After finishing work, the FVS400 lid opens manually. You also don't have to worry about the durability of the product. The housing of this vacuum sealer has been additionally reinforced. The device is also equipped with non-slip feet.

First place: Status Provac 360

The best vacuum sealer for commercial use, Status Provac 360 is the perfect device for anyone who wants to pack larger food portions. The manufacturer has equipped this device with a 36 cm wide sealing bar and a continuous vacuum. In addition to the automatic vacuum cycle, this device has a marinating cycle and pulse function. Users particularly appreciated the last option as it is ideal for packaging soft foods and liquids. Notably, the Status Provas 360 has an accurate vacuum gauge. However, the most innovative element of this device is the liquid sensor. It makes Status Provac 360 the first vacuum sealer in the world with 100% protection against liquids.

Second place: Status solid 300

Coming in at second is the Status solid 300 Professional. The manufacturer has equipped this device with a double seal and a liquid indicator. Thanks to excellent quality, you can use this vacuum sealer continuously. Status solid 300 has a 30 cm wide vacuum chamber. An accurate vacuum gauge and adjustable pressure will allow you to pack food professionally. The Status solid 300, of course, has both automatic and manual modes. It is also equipped with a liquid trap protection.

Ranking of the best vacuum sealers in Australia (2023) - summary

The best vacuum sealers in Australia include a wide range of devices. Our customers choose their favourites based on a variety of characteristics. Here are the most important parameters that a good vacuum sealer should have:

  • length of the sealing bar/chamber size,
  • protection against moisture,
  • seal quality,
  • the ability to regulate the operation of the vacuum sealer,
  • the quality and length of work. 

The features listed above should guide you when choosing a vacuum sealer. Be sure to remember them!

Why have vacuum food sealers become so popular?

Surely you have noticed that the popularity of vacuum sealers has increased significantly. Is it just a fad that will pass? Well, no! Vacuum sealers have become essential to leading a healthy and more balanced lifestyle. With the help of these devices, many people have introduced new habits into their lives. One vacuum sealer helps to take care of the household budget, health, and ecology simultaneously.

What are the biggest advantages of using vacuum sealers?

There are many advantages to using a food vacuum sealer. The first is the ability to save money. Remember that vacuum-packed food lasts longer. This allows you to pack excess produce or leftover meals that are still good. Otherwise, you would throw the food away because it would go bad quickly. Importantly, vacuum packing will allow you to keep your kitchen tidy. Finally, being aware of the products you have will help you manage your money better when shopping. It is also essential when planning a diet. It will be easier for you to take care of eating healthy meals.

The second advantage of using vacuum food sealers is the reduced waste produced. Food thrown away by people is a real biological bomb. By reducing the food you throw away, you care for the planet. Plus, if you have a vacuum sealer at home, you can buy more food by weight. Thanks to this, you will significantly reduce the amount of plastic packaging thrown away.

Another advantage of vacuum food packaging is time-saving. You can prepare several different meals in one day and eat them for several consecutive days. In addition, if you vacuum-pack them, you can be sure they will stay fresh and delicious. This solution is especially praised by people working a lot and families with children.

Finally, it is worth appreciating the possibility of preparing fabulous meals thanks to food vacuum packaging. A vacuum sealer will be handy if you want to marinate meat in no time. A product with a marinade in a vacuum package absorbs its flavour and aroma faster. Vacuum packaging of products is also necessary for sous-vide cooking. With a good vacuum sealer, you can prepare extraordinary meals at home.

Summing up, vacuum sealers are perfect for any kitchen. You can gain a lot from them. However, you need to be able to choose the equipment that will match your expectations. Our ranking shows that the Status HV100 Home Vac is great for home use. It is an excellent, durable vacuum sealer. However, it is best to choose the Status Provac 360 or the Status solid 300 for commercial use. This device can work almost continuously and has many valuable features. However, the final decision is yours.

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