Vacuum Bags Or Rolls

Vacuum Bags Or Rolls

Food vacuum bags and rolls

A common question about food vacuum bags or rolls is “Should I use pre made vacuum sealer bags or vacuum sealer rolls“.

So the answer is not the same for everyone. It depends on your vacuum sealer you own and how much vacuum sealing you are doing. Lets break it down a bit and take a look at pre made bags first.

Vacuum bags or rolls – Part 1

Pre Made Vacuum Sealer Bags


Pre made vacuum sealer bags are already made so it saves time. All that needs to be done is put the food into the vacuum sealer bag and vacuum then seal. If you are doing a lot of vacuum sealing at once the pre made food vacuum bags will save time. If this is in a professional kitchen the food vacuum sealer bags will also save on labour. Summary is that you will save time and labour with pre made food vacuum sealer bags.


Ready made food vacuum bags are more expensive to buy enitially which may be off set by the labour cost. If you are not paying wages and have the time to make bags then the cost of pre made vacuum bags is higher. Also because you can get through the process faster you will need a semi commecial or commercial machine to handle large volumes of vacuum packing and the machine will not over heat. Such as the Status Provac 360. With a pre made vacuum sealer bag there can be more wastage if you only putting smaller amounts in them.

Vacuum bags or rolls – Part 2

Vacuum Sealer Rolls


Buying your vacuum sealing bags in rolls is much cheaper. Be sure to buy 1 long roll, like at least 12m or 15m, to achieve the maximium saveings. Shorter rolls such as 6m or 3m will end up with more waist and defite the purpose. With rolls you can custom make each bag to the exact length required so also much less wastage when making your own vacuum sealing bags.


If you are doing a lot of vacuum sealing, the extra seal to make the vacuum sealer bag can be time consuming. It also can cause smaller domestic machines to over heat if you dont rest them.

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