Roll Film Cutter

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Roll Film Cutter

Made in Europe by Status

Roll Film Cutter replacement. In case you lose one down the back of a drawer, from Food Vacuum Sealers Australia.

This roll film cutter is also made by Status in europe and excellent quality.

Roll Fim Cutter

Replacement Roll Film Cutter. In case you lose one down the back of a drawer. Supplied by Food Vacuum Sealers Australia. This is the cutter that comes standard with the Status food vacuum sealers and also all of the Sico food vacuum sealers. It is extremly handy and can be used on any roll film with any machine. Just hold the stainless steel blade to the side of the roll film and run across to the other side. The cutter is very effective in leaving a very tidy and straight cut. You will then not waist roll film with jaggered or uneven cuts.

This roll film cutter is also made in Europe and excellent quality. It will last you for years as long as you do not miss place it. Also please only use the roll film cutter for cuttung roll film only. Cutting things like paper will make it blunt rather quickly.

This roll film cutter is suitable for any roll film. Used correctly it will cut acroos with very little effort and leave a nice smooth straight cut. This is important not only for the bag you are cutting but for the next one as well. If you do not have to re-cut the end of the roll film then you do not waist as much.

The cutter is made in Europe by Status and as the blade is set back with in the moulding it is very safe. All our machines from status and sico come with this cutter included.


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