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There are so many brands of vacuum sealer accessories and so many different types of vacuum accessories on the market today that it does get very confusing. Here at Food vacuum sealers Australia when we select a new vacuum sealer accessory for the market we do a lot of research. That firstly starts with, is this vacuum accessory useful? Once we determine that we look at if the design works well and if it is easy to operate. Most importantly, before we make it available we make sure that it is compatible with our vacuum sealers, hoses and hand pumps. So if you have all of your vacuum sealing equipment from Food vacuum sealers Australia you can be sure it will all work together. 

Now in saying that there is no reason why you cant have another brand of vacuum sealer and use our vacuum canisters with it or the other way round. It just means that possibly our hand pump may or may not be compatible but you can always adapt a hose to connect a vacuum sealer to any vacuum accessory

So here is how that is done very simply. Firstly you do need a vacuum sealer with a canister or container function built into it. That vacuum sealer will have a hose for it and one end will fit onto or into that vacuum sealer. When you purchase a vacuum accessory of a different brand you then purchase the hose that connects that vacuum accessory to the vacuum sealer. You can then make 1 connector hose out of the 2 and they are now compatible. So it is only the connector hose that is the hurdle. Some hoses are different diameter's which can be annoying but with a bit of hot water you can usually get a connection on ok or slip a smaller diameter hose inside a larger diameter.

So if you have vacuum sealing equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer or supplier it is not the end of the world and you can probably still keep using with new vacuum sealer accessories as long as you still have all the bits and pieces for it.

If you need help on this topic please contact us and we will endeavor to find a solution for you.

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