food vacuum sealer bags and rolls manufacturing

How are food vacuum bags made

How are food vacuum bags made?

Firstly, you can get food vacuum bags and food vacuum rolls. They both have the same qualities just that bags are a predetermined size and rolls you can custom-make your bag. There is actually not a lot of difference in price, but each has its merits. Food vacuum bags make the job easier and quicker for yourself, and they are easier on the vacuum sealer as there is only 1 seal per bag. Food vacuum rolls are slower and harder on the vacuum sealer as you need to do 2 seals per bag, but it is handy to be able to make a specific size bag.

So, the 2 methods of making the film to produce the food vacuum bags and rolls are.

  1. (All properties or layers are extruded at the same time and put into 1 layer)
  2. (Each property or layer is laminated or bonded together)

The properties of the food vacuum bag in both methods are a layer for strength and barrier, a layer for sealing.

All of our food vacuum bags and rolls are the lamination method

The lamination method consists of 2 layers each side which are PE(Polyethylene), the inside layer and PA(Polyamides), the outside layer. The PE ensures the sealing quality and the PA insures the strength and barrier. During manufacturing the channeling is embossed into one side, so the vacuum sealer can extract the air out efficiently. Lamination vacuum sealer bags have high strength and keep their shape.

The extrusion method is blowing both of the PE and PA layers into 1 layer. The channeling is embossed into one side during manufacturing. The extrusion type method makes a much softer type film and is generally thicker as it does not have the same strength as lamination. Also, the extrusion type vacuum sealing roll film is prone to curling which can make it difficult to position into the mouth of the vacuum sealer.

So, as we said earlier all our food vacuum sealing bags and rolls are the lamination type as they are stronger and keep there shape better. They have a medium-sized diamond pattern embossing which we have found is the best combination for efficient air extraction and the best sealing quality. Finer embossing can give problems with air extraction. Coarse embossing, mainly found on extrusion vacuum bags, as poor sealing qualities.

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