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Find out everything about vacuum sealer bags and see where to buy them!

Advantages of vacuum sealing your food in vacuum packaging

Packing with the use of vacuum sealer bags is the best method of protecting food against external factors. It is a convenient and economical method. Vacuum packaging of food allows it to be closed in a tight package, from which air is sucked. The amount of oxygen inside is therefore kept to a minimum. The food product is packed in bags, in which the pressure is changed. It is by reducing the amount of oxygen and increasing the level of carbon dioxide. The packages are then hermetically sealed. In the past, this type of food packaging was intended for industrial purposes. However, nowadays, this type of food packaging is very popular in households. Products stored in this way retain their nutritional properties and freshness, even up to five times longer than without vacuum packaging. Thanks to vacuum packaging, food is protected against bacteria, microbes, dirt and insects. This type of food storage not only saves money but also prevents food waste.

Additionally, you must know that almost anything can be vacuum-packed. Not only standard products such as raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, fruit, bread, meat, cheese and sliced meat. Interestingly, you can even vacuum pack whole ready meals, cakes, sauces or liquids such as wine. Products such as coffee, tea, pasta and rice have the longest shelf life. They can be stored vacuum packed for up to 12 months without fear! Fish, cold meats or vacuum-packed meat can also have similar edibility. Provided that you put them in the freezer. Additionally, it is worth knowing that vacuum packaging can be used for marinating meat or fish. The lack of air makes the spices penetrate the meat with their taste and aroma much faster.

What should you consider when buying vacuum sealer bags?

The most popular is vacuum packing in foil or bags. For this purpose, you need a vacuum sealer (packing machine) with the function of pumping out air. If you are using foil, measure out the needed piece from the roll and weld one edge. Place the selected product inside and put the other side of the foil into the packing machine, which sucks up oxygen and seals the package. You can also use ready-made vacuum sealer bags, which are available in a variety of sizes. Some of them are equipped with special tapes to absorb excess liquid, especially useful for packing meat. It is worth reaching for foil and bags that can be placed in the microwave or used in sous-vide cooking, which consists in cooking hermetically packed products for a long time at a low temperature. This technique, popular with French chefs, is valued for its aroma, taste and juiciness.

It is very important that the vacuum sealer bags are BPA free. It is this compound that affects the level of hormones in our body and contributes to the development of certain diseases. Therefore, it should be avoided. An important parameter is the thickness of the foil from which the vacuum sealer bags are made. Therefore, before buying, think about what products you will store in them. If it is tough meat, the thickness of the bag should be solid. Thicker bags should be selected for products that will be stored for a very long time or for those that spoil quickly. The greater the thickness of the bag, the better the barrier properties. The material from which the bags are made should be uniform, free of streaks and discolouration, preferably if it comes from a reputable manufacturer. The seals of the bag must be strong, preferably all of the same widths.

Where can you buy vacuum sealer bags?

Vacuum sealer bags can be purchased both in stationery stores and online stores, for example, with us. It all depends on your preferences. Shopping in an online store gives you the opportunity to track and compare many offers from different manufacturers. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you have found the product at the best price and with exactly the properties you are looking for. Usually, shipping is very fast. You can monitor the path of your package, and you know exactly when to expect it. This is a more convenient way than traditional shopping for those who want to make a purchase without leaving their home. And also for people who cannot leave their home. The market offers many different vacuum sealer bags in various sizes and made of various materials. Remember to always choose these PBA free. It is also good to choose vacuum sealer bags that work with all other types of external food vacuum bag sealers.

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