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Nothing goes back to basics better than camping. The views, fresh air, the freedom! So many opt for this inexpensive and enjoyable activity. However, we’ve all heard the downsides… Camping is like many other activities meaning that you need the right equipment. You wouldn’t holiday in Fiji without your swimmers and sunglasses, just like you wouldn’t go camping without survival essentials.

There is nothing worse that being stuck in the middle of nowhere without your toothbrush or insect repellent. Having the necessary supplies makes a huge impact in your overall enjoyment of the trip. Here’s how to use Food Vacuum Sealers Australia food vacuum sealer system to avoid any unwanted off trail experiences.

Planning Meals

Meal preparation can be the difference between a light and heavy backpack. Not to mention the nutrition necessary for doing long hikes. You’ll want a lot of snack foods that won’t perish easily like nuts and scroggin. However, those convenient little packs of nuts aren’t so convenient on the budget. Buy snacks in bulk bags then split them up and vacuum seal perfect little proportions.

Utensils for cooking and eating are essential to every meal. Save room by vacuum sealing a spatula, knives, forks, spoons, tongs, skewers… whatever you desire! By sealing them in one you can be sure all your kitchen utensils are together and taking up the least room possible.

Condiments such as sugar, salt and pepper are often forgotten and more often needed – especially for the basic meals done on a camp stove! To avoid having to take large jars or grinders, vacuum seal the desired amount before hand.

Still got some fabulous casserole in the fridge? Vacuum seal pre made meals from home! That way freshness isn’t compromised when venturing outdoors for a period of time. You can save significant amounts of weight and space in your bag by opting for this instead of canned foods. Say goodbye to dirty tins banging about your bag and taking up room. Stuck for a recipe? Try one of these.

Personal Items

Never know what clothes are fresh or dirty? Now you will! Vacuum seal your clean garments either separately, or on a day by day outfit basis. That way when looking for something in your pack, your clean clothes won’t fall out and get muddy. Not to mention the amount of space and time it saves you. With an outfit sealed for each day, it’s like having your mother lay out clean clothes on your bed like you’re five years old. Ahhh the memories…

Personal items have got to be the thing most commonly left behind item when packing. Why? Because they’re small and stored in different places of the house. You’ll need all your bathroom essentials such as toothbrush, deodorant, chap stick, soap etc. But don’t forget personal medications or a shower bag! Vacuum sealing will assure you have everything you need whilst taking up minimum space. At least this way there will be no liquid spillage throughout your bag. Nothing worse than spending the rest of your trip stinking of anti dandruff shampoo.

Miscellaneous items are the crux of the camping trip. They truly make or break your experience. Having a torch can mean the difference between finding the long drop in the dark, or seeing where that weird noise was coming from. Many of these items you will also want to keep dry and protected. Matches are not much help when they’re broken or wet. You can also vacuum seal important navigating tools such as compasses or maps. That way if it rains, they remain protected and ready to use.

Have Fun

Camping can be the most quality time spent together as a group. With no cell service or work distraction, it can be a tranquil escape. But if you have to deal with someone’s constant whining because you forgot the extra batteries, you’ll be the one needing to escape. Through the art of vacuum sealing, your camping trip has never been more organized!

Lots of other handy hints on camping can also be found on My Open Country, Guide to camping for beginners. Good luck on your next adventure and have fun : ) !!!

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