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How much can you 'really' save?

You know I often get asked how much money you can 'really' save with a food vacuum sealer. Now this always makes me laugh because it's so easy for me to explain  using a couple of very simple real-world examples we can all relate to.

Last time I checked in a typical supermarket aisle, a 1kg block of cheese currently costs around $12.89. The same brand cheese in smaller weights often costs up to 3 times the amount of money, per gram.

By purchasing the larger portions and cutting into smaller blocks of cheese when you get home, then vacuum sealing them, your food bill each month will be a little bit lower.

And that's just one item as an example, if you apply this principal with everything you buy from your meat, to fish and chicken, your savings will be huge!

Vacuum seal large blocks of cheese into smaller portions and save

When buying meat I try to buy from my local butcher, and sometimes from the Deli Counter at the Supermarket. I try to shop at those times when I know meat is still fresh but possibly marked down in price as the day closes and use by dates can offer bargains, these items are ideal for vacuum sealing and saving at the same time.

Saver Tip! Always check the weight per gram when deciding between larger and smaller portions of food items. You might be shocked by how much less per gram you pay for bulk items.

Buy the largest amount per gram to suit your budget and either portion the items out for immediate vacuuming, or of you plan to prepare marinades you can seal with the ingredients to absorb the flavours, then freeze until required.

I know it's tempting to just hit the couch and flake out with a little treat after battling with the shopping chores, but trust me, a little bit of planning  and effort when you get home, and you'll find those trips to the shops become less frequent as you make your food last you a lot longer than you thought!

Have a great weekend!

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