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Vacuum packaging will completely change the way you store and shop for food. Removing the air from around food by a vacuum system helps the food stay in its intended state for much longer; the shelf-life of food is greatly increased, whether it is kept in the fridge, freezer or pantry.

Air can cause food to dry out and make it rancid or stale, and it can even cause freezer burn. Vacuum packaging helps keep your food fresher and more flavoursome for longer.

Fresh food bought from the markets can be vacuum sealed and stored in small or large quantities. Food that is already vacuum packed, such as cheese and meat, will retain its flavour and freshness if they are vacuum sealed again after opening.

Moisture and mould are problems no more when they are sealed in Food Vacuum Sealers Australia vacuum canisters and bags. Meat, fish and vegetables can be frozen without the worry of freezer burn and will keep their freshness and quality. Dry goods such as coffee, rice, flour and nuts will last much longer if they are vacuum sealed.

It's important to realise that the original quality of the food must be of the very highest standard, in terms of freshness and environmental hygiene, when you decide to vacuum pack it. There are no preservation methods that turn a bad product into a good one!

Always having your Food vacuum rolls, bags and canisters handy will help you appreciate the advantages and ease of use that our vacuum sealing machines can offer when it comes to preserving the quality and freshness of your food.

View our Storage Chart to see how vacuum packing can extend the life of any food without changing its taste, smell, appearance or nutritional value, or start shopping and order your food vacuum sealer  today!

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