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ZeroPak Teflon Heat Strip

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ZeroPak Teflon heat strip

Replacement Teflon heat strips for the ZeroPak Dualvac food vacuum sealer. The ZeroPak Teflon heat strip is 1 cm wide and 32 cm long and will fit the ZeroPak Dualvac and also other vacuum sealers with similar measurements. You can cut the heat strip to the length required. It is suitable for single seal machines only.

Installing the Teflon ZeroPak heat strip

  • Peel the old heat strip off.
  • Insure the area is cleaned very well and do not disturb the wire.
  • Cut the new one to sizes.
  • Peel off the backing and stick it in place.
  • Check that it has stuck by running one finger over it after you stick it down to ensure there are no bumps in the heat strip.

This Teflon ZeroPak  heat strip

You need to ensure that the heat strip is in good condition so that you get the perfect seal after you have vacuumed the bag. Any damage to the heat strip will affect the quality of seal and allow the bag to release its vacuum

To check the Teflon ZeroPak heat strip

You must always use a good quality roll film or bag to insure a good vacuum and a perfect seal. To check the seal hold it up to the light, and it should appear clear and of the same width all the way along. If it is not then do another seal beside it and if the interruption in the seal is in the same place then it is most likely a damaged or worn heat strip.