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Canister Hand Pump

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Canister hand pump

Used for extracting the air out of food vacuum canisters. The Canister Hand Pump is compatible with both our 2 piece Munro vacuum canister set and our full Tritan vacuum canister sets or any canisters that have a similar valve. It will also work on all the other Status accessories.
When vacuuming a canister with the hand pump it is more effective if you pump slowly rather than fast. 
With this Canister Hand Pump it saves time as you don't have to pull the vacuum sealer out to do the job. Place the base of the hand pump over the valve on top of the lid and pump the handle up and down. When it builds up resistance you will know that you have extracted enough air so that your food will stay fresher 3 times longer. The Tritan canisters have a dimple to one side that goes down once they are at full vacuum. The Munro canister has a dimple in the valve under the hand pump.
If you have canisters from else where. As long as they have a similar valve system on the lid then this pump will probably work on them as well. 

Vacuum Canister Hand Pump, 15 cm long.

Here is an article about marinating with canisters. 

Ginger and Honey Marinade in a Vacuum Canister.