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Sico Teflon Heat Strip

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Sico Teflon heat strip

Replacement Teflon heat strip for your Sico vacuum sealer, the Sico Heat strips are suitable for the Sico model vacuum sealers. Please select the model of Sico vacuum sealer you have and this will select the correct sized Sico Teflon Heat Strip for that model.

NOTE :- The Sico machines will need to be dismantled to install the new heat strip correctly. 

Installing the Sico heat strip

  • Peel the old heat strip off.
  • Thoroughly clean the heat strip area, be careful not to disturb the wire.
  • If required, cut the new one to sizes.
  • Peel the backing off the new one and stick it in place.
  • Run a finger over it as you stick it down to ensure it is stuck and there are no bumps or ripples in it.

Sico Teflon heat strip

Can easily fit a wide range of Sico vacuum sealers. They may also fit the lava food vacuum sealers as they are made by Sico. If you are not sure of your model of Sico vacuum sealer, please contact us. It is important to have this Sico Teflon Heat Strip on your vacuum sealer as if it is not, you will probably melt through the bag. If the Teflon heat strip or the heat wire are not in A1 condition it can affect the quality of the seal.

To check the Sico Teflon heat strip seal

Firstly please use a good quality roll film as poor quality roll film will not seal properly anyway. Do a seal on the end of the roll film. Then hold it up to the light. The seal should be clear, the same width all the way and no imperfections in it. If there is an imperfection in the seal then do another seal beside the first seal. If the imperfection is in the same spot, then the Teflon strip is probably damaged in that spot. The Sico Teflon Heat Strip will need replacing.