Buying food in bulk and vacuum sealing for storage

Buy food in bulk and save

Buy food in bulk and save

Take a look at the video below on, buy food in bulk and save. It has some great ideas and how much you can save by buying food in bulk. Below that there is a breakdown on the costs and the savings.

Buy food in bulk and save is seriously going to save you a lot of money.

What we bought and how much we paid.

- Whole New York steak, 6.5 kg @ $32 per kg, usually $45 per kg.
- Boned & rolled pork leg, 5.5 kg @ $8 per kg, usually $12 per kg.
- Chuck steak, 1.5 kg @ $17 per kg, usually $19 per kg.
- Premium mince, 4.5 kg @ $10 per kg, usually $20 per kg.
- Beef short ribs, 3.5 kg @ $28 per kg, usually $28 per kg.
- Marinated chicken, 2.5 kg @ $8.50 per kg, usually $12 per kg.
- Cheese, 1 kg @ $2.50 per 250 g, usually $5 per 250 g.
- Rice, 5 kg @ $2.50 per kg, usually $4 per kg.
- Mixed nuts, 1 kg @ $1.50 per 150 g, usually $4.25 per 150 g.

      What we saved by buying in bulk.

      Total cost was about $470 in the bulk buy.
      If we bought the same amount as we needed it, it would of cost around $660
      So this is an easy saving of about $190.

      What it cost to set up to vacuum seal the bulk buy.

      At the time of this article (June 2023) the cost of the Status HV100 was $230 plus $15 postage. The food that we vacuum sealed took about 50mixed size bags which is a cost of around $20. Other than that you just need a good carving knife and a reasonable sized freezer. Set up cost was about $265. It will only take until the second bulk buy shop to start saving money and time with a vacuum sealer that you will have for years to come.

      What did we save in time.

      This bulk buy of food was just 1 trip to the shop and took 2 of us about an hour to break down, vacuum seal and put away. It was a total of around 25 kgs of food so lets say for arguments sake that you bought 5 kgs of food in a small shop, Then you have saved 4 trips to the shop.

      So it's not hard to see that by owning a good quality food vacuum sealer you can save some serious money around the home. You might say that you can just go and bulk buy without vacuum sealing to store your food and that is true as long as you are not storing it for a long period of time like less than a month. After a month or so your meat will start developing freezer burn, the cheese will start going hard on the ends, The nuts will be going stale and the rice will be attracting weevils. Buy vacuuming sealing your food you can save it from all of this.


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