Bulk Vacuum Sealer Bags

 All Our Food Vacuum Sealer Bags or Cryovac Bags, are a multi layer, spot pattern. 100 microm on the dimple side and 80 micron on the smoth side. They are designed for external bag vacuum sealers of various makes and models, both domestic and commercial. Buy food vacuum sealer bags in bulk and save, save, save!!! We sell bulk lots of 5 packets of 1 size, 10 packets of one size, or a whole carton. The more you buy the more you save. If you have a lot of vacuum sealing to do at once the pre made bags are a good option as you will save a lot of time making the bag. If you are in a commercial kitchen this will save on labour costs and get the job done quicker. All the bag widths are the external measurement so the internal size is less 2cm (each side seal is 1cm wide).